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Tips To Avoid Unexpected Christmas Visitors

December 13, 2017

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The holiday season is the time of year that we might welcome unexpected guests. There’s nothing better than a surprise visit from our children who’ve been away at college, an old friend that’s in the neighborhood visiting family and decides to stop by, or a neighbor who drops in with a plate of cookies. When the doorbell rings you are often happy to discover who might be on the other side of your front door. The joy of the unexpected can be thoroughly shattered, however, when your visitor is a mouse, or worse yet, a mouse with her whole family of babies!

Mice are most problematic in the fall and winter months when it starts getting cold outside and food is scarce. When they show up unexpectedly in your walls, cabinets, drawers, attics, and cellars it is because they are seeking warmth and shelter as well as food. While you might think those little wild mice are cute and harmless - people keep them as pets after all - they are far from it. Mice can get into the smallest of spaces, gaining access to your food and beverages. Their droppings cause a mess and carry diseases. They can nest in your favorite tree skirt or Christmas stockings, staining and ruining them with their droppings and tearing them apart to make a cozy nest for their babies. Mice also like to gnaw on wood, which can leave unsightly damage to drawers, walls, and cabinets. Not only that but they don’t discriminate and are capable of chewing wires, toys, heirloom decorations and more. 

You can try traps, but typically they are messy and don’t often work. The poison traps can be toxic, ineffective, and not something you want to handle yourself, and the snap traps leave you dealing with a dead mouse to discard. If you see one mouse, you can almost guarantee there are more hiding. As mentioned, their droppings can carry disease so once they are in your home you are dealing with a two-fold problem. The best way to handle getting rid of mice is to prevent them in the first place. Year-round service from Moyer Pest Control will help treat both the outside and inside of your home to stop mice from entering and get rid of them if they do get in. Prevent unexpected pest intruders by inviting visitors you can expect and count on; call Moyer Pest Control today.

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