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Tips To Avoid Stinging Insects This Summer

July 19, 2017


As much as we all love the summer months, there are certainly a number of dangers associated with them that we must keep in mind when doing anything outside. Wasps, bees, and hornets are all out and about doing their thing to provide for hives of hungry larvae that are waiting for them to return with food. These stinging insects are attracted to our yards for several reasons including our sweet-smelling flower gardens as well as any other sweet smells like soda, sweet teas, and protein packed barbecue grills.

Hornets and wasps are aggressive flying insects that will angrily attack when they feel threatened in any way. They can deliver multiple stings leaving painful red welts that will last for several days. If a nest is threatened, the attack may come from several insects at once making the experience both terrifying and painful, not to mention potentially dangerous even without an allergy to their venom. Though bees are more than happy to be left among the flowers, they will sting too if they are provoked.

It is extremely important to do your part to protect yourself when doing things outside.

  • When hosting an outdoor dinner, make sure that any food is covered to keep hornets and wasps away. Sweet drinks should be covered as well.

  • Avoid any scented lotions or perfume if you are going to work in the yard. The sweet smell could attract a curious bee or wasp putting you at risk.

  • Wear muted colors and avoid any floral patterns while hiking or gardening to not confuse stinging insects into thinking that you are the real thing. Consider always wearing shoes and long pants and sweaters while working in the yard.

  • When faced with a bee or wasp, do your best not to panic. Sudden movements such as trying to swat a bee can result in a quick retaliation.

There may be just a few too many stinging insects buzzing around for your liking. If that is the case, give the experts here at Moyer Pest Control a call. There is a good chance that there may be a hive nearby that should be removed from your property before someone gets hurt. Our team of experts will help determine where the hive is as well as the type of stinging insect that has become a liability to have around. Moyer Pest Control is this area’s leading expert on pest control, removal, and prevention. Let us show you how to protect your home and your family all season long.

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