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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs On Thanksgiving

November 20, 2017


Will you be having people over to your West Chester home this Thanksgiving? We hope that you're aware that it doesn't matter if they come for the day or spend the night, they could introduce bed bugs to your home.

"Hold on a second? Don't bed bugs only come out at night? How can they infest my home in the daytime?"

We're glad you asked.

While many bugs actively force their way into your home, bed bugs spread from home to home through passive dispersal. That means they have to be carried in. And a common way this passive dispersal happens is a female bed bug will lay eggs on an item that is portable. When that item is brought from one home to the next, eggs can fall off. Since bed bug eggs don't need the mother bed bug in order to hatch, these eggs can be the beginning of a new infestation.

Another way a bed bug infestation can spread during the day is through immature nymphs. Adult bed bugs are easily seen during the daytime, so they tend to hide away. Nymphs on the other hand, are not easily seen and can remain active throughout the day. And when these nymphs explore, they can get into a pocketbook, pants pocket, bag, box, or some other item that is being transported.

Thanksgiving Bed Bug Tips

  • It is important to know what a bed bug egg looks like. They are 1 mm in size and can be by themselves or in a batch. Eggs will usually be found in seams, pockets, and other hidden places but they can also be attached to fabric.

  • It is important to know what bed bugs look like, especially immature nymphs. If you see a bed bug during the day, it is likely to be a nymph, and most likely to be feeding. Immature nymphs are normally pale in color, but when they feed, they become bright red from the blood. This makes these tiny insects much more noticeable if they are on your arm or leg.

  • It is important to know what bed bug bites look like. If you have someone over to your home and you notice patterns of red welts on their skin, they may have a bed bug problem they don't know about. This pattern will look like a path on the skin. Bed bugs often bite three times during their nighttime feeding. So, their bites look less random than other insects that bite only once.

Hopefully, you won't see any signs of bed bugs this Thanksgiving. But, if you do, or you suspect that you've picked up bed bugs, call the West Chester bed bug experts at Moyer Pest Control. We know how to quickly and discreetly take care of bed bugs. And that is something to definitely be thankful for.

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