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Tips For Preventing Bed Bugs This Spring

March 30, 2016

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When you think of protecting your home from pests in the spring, what do you think of? Do you think about sealing up your exterior walls and cleaning up your yard? Those are definitely good to do, but they will do nothing to protect your family from bed bugs.
Bed bugs, as you probably already know, are hitchhiking bugs. That means they are most likely to be carried into your home, rather than crawl across your yard and squeeze in through a hole in your walls. For a hitchhiking bug, you need to take different measure to keep them out.
Spring Bed Bug Tips
If your college-age kids aren't heading off to somewhere tropical, they may be heading home to you. When they do, you should be ready with some bed bug prevention. Make sure to wash and dry all of their clothing on the hottest setting. This will kill bed bugs at every stage of development. Also, be aware that bed bugs can, and do, hide in other things like bedding, bags, luggage seams, and even electronics. There are some tips to purging these items of bugs, but they can be quite a hassle. The best and less burdensome course of action is simply to teach your college age kids to know what bed bugs look like, what signs they leave behind and good bed bug prevention tips.
Spring is also a time when you're likely to take a beach trip. And with gas prices still low, you may even be inclined to take a trip farther away and stay somewhere overnight. This is a good way to pick up bed bugs; which is why it is always important to do a room inspection when you stay somewhere, even if it is a 5-star luxury hotel, and even if it is a "clean" relative. Bed bugs can be anywhere, and anyone can have them. Check sheets, mattresses and upholstered furniture for brown or red blood stains, black streaks, brown staining, and shed insect shells.  Be sure to look especially close at seams and stitching because these are some of their favorite hiding spots!
When the warm weather of spring comes, bed bugs are going to be more active everywhere. The hotter it gets, the faster the bugs move, and the faster they breed. That means you are more likely to pick them up in public transportation and in public areas. Be on guard if you take a taxi, bus, or metro line. If you intend to go to the movies, use the light on your phone to check your seat for brown staining, black residue, insect casings, or these tiny little bugs crawling around. Bed bugs don't need you to be sleeping in order to feed or hitch a ride.
Spring has sprung! Stay safe from the danger of bed bugs this spring with these simple tips. And, if bed bugs still find a way into your home, you can trust Moyer Indoor | Outdoor to take care of them fast.

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