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Three Ways To Stop Ants

May 13, 2015

Carpenter Ant Pennsylvania

Ants, ants and more ants seem to be the battle cry across America as these nuisance pests begin emerging with the spring weather and warming temperatures.  Even though a large number of ants exist, the more common ants found in Pennsylvania consists of carpenter ants, pavement ants and odorous house ants.  While all ants are nuisances, the carpenter ant is also capable of causing destruction to the structure of your home. 

Even though ant prevention can be a challenge, having knowledge of the behavior of ants will be beneficial in stopping ants before they get inside.  Bear in mind that the entire purpose of ants invading your home is their quest for food and water.  It is also important to remember that ants can slip through the tiniest of cracks or openings. 

There are 3 ways to stop ants or discourage them from entering the home.

  1. Remove access to the house.  Keeping ants out begins with eliminating all points of entry.  Inspect the exterior of the home.  Look for any shrubbery or tree limbs that may be touching the house and prune or trim back.  This makes it more difficult for ants to reach your home.  Check foundation for any cracks through which ants can pass and repair as needed.  Close off any gaps around utility line and water line entries.  Inspect all windows and doors, looking for any cracks or gaps and seal with silicon caulking.

  2. Eliminate food.  Cleanliness is essential in discouraging ant invasions as the tiniest of crumbs or spills will serve as ample food supply for many ants.  Keep all cabinets and counters wiped clean and floors swept and mopped.  A periodic cleaning under the stove and other kitchen appliances is also recommended.  Store unused pantry food items in pest-proof containers.  Ensure that your garbage can is emptied regularly and washed out.

  3. Eliminate moisture.  A water supply is also essential to ants and other household pests.  Look under the sink for any leaks in water lines, drain lines and faucets and repair accordingly.  We happen to know of a good plumbing company if you discover a problem.  Sorry we had to give a plug for our friends over in Moyer's Plumbing Division.  Now back to the topic at hand.  Remember it doesn’t take much moisture to satisfy the needs of an ant.  You may also find condensation dripping from a cold water line.  This can be rectified with foam insulation tubes placed on the water lines.  These are inexpensive, easy to put on and can be found in most home improvement stores.

Sealing off all points of entry and removing all food and water sources is the key to stopping ants from invading your home.  Following these three preventive measures will drastically reduce the risk of ant invasions. 

If it's too late and ants are already marching across the floor, Moyer Indoor | Outdoor can help.  Contact us today for more information on our pest control for ants and how we can protect your home and family with year round service! 

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