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The Sneaky Ways Mice Enter Our Homes

October 18, 2017


Mice can be adorable looking at times, maybe on television or in the pet store, and seem harmless enough. In reality, mice really cause many problems ranging from stress from the sight of them to the damage they can do in your home to the dangerous health concerns they can cause. Not to mention they are defecating and urinating all over your home and keeping you up at night with their scurrying, scratching, and gnawing.

Mice are extremely difficult to get rid of since they are so very clever and resourceful. Mice are just looking for some food, a little water, and shelter from the extreme weather. To us, they are uninvited guests that are wreaking havoc all over our homes. You may never see one, but if you do you should get a professional to take of the problem right away. Chances are if you have seen one, you have many hiding throughout your home. You will find many different signs of mouse activity, like mouse droppings that look like tiny black rice. Clean up should be handled by a professional because if particles from the feces become airborne, they will pose a medical danger to anyone close enough to breathe them in. You may find food wrappers or boxes that have holes or chew marks in them or spilled food contents. If mice have been in or around any of your food, you will need to discard it completely. They are also known to cause fires when they chew electrical wires and water damage when they chew pipes. In short, these rodents can cause hundreds of dollars of damage and possible health risks as well.

Now is the time to start mouse proofing your home, preferably before you experience an infestation. Mice have some sneaky ways to get into our homes. So, the first step is to locate where the mice are getting in and to seal up all of those areas. This includes entry points like tiny gaps, cracks, and holes that are small enough for a regular sized pencil to fit through. Broken or damaged screens and vents also provide mice with an easy entry point. Mice are excellent chewers and if they are desperate enough they will chew their way in.

Some things you will need to consider before attempting to get rid of, trap or catch mice on your own:

  • Can you get your fingers caught in a spring trap while setting it?

  • What if the mice in your house won’t eat the cheese or the peanut butter?

  • What if the mouse is alive with the spring trap attached to an appendage?

  • What do you with the live mouse once it is stuck to the glue board? 

These are just a few questions that need serious answers because that is the reality of trapping and catching mice in your home. You also need to consider the fact that you may not be able to get rid of an entire family of mice because they breed so quickly.

The best solution for a homeowner with mouse problems is to call on an experienced pest control company. If you live in Pennsylvania, you can count on Moyer Pest Control. Give us a call today to learn more about residential pest control services and how they can help you avoid problems with mice. 

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