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The Small But Mighty Clover Mite

June 24, 2016

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Clover mites are a common pest found in many households and businesses, especially on the east coast. Around your home, clover mites may be hard to notice at first but once you see what they are capable of you will wish the problem was addressed the first time you laid eyes on one. Clover mites get their name from their diet which often contains clover, grass, and other plants. They are a very small red arachnid close to a tick or a spider. They are difficult to see at first because they are so small, about the size of a pin head. The first time you realize you have a clover mite infestation may be when you have a red stain on a light piece of furniture or fabric. This is truly where clover mites make their mark.

Clover mites are not dangerous, but they are a great nuisance pest. They can travel in large numbers and reproduce in areas around your home posing a greater problem. They lay eggs in the spring and your home could become their new egg nursery. Since they are capable of entering small cracks and crevices, they are difficult to keep at bay on your own. Once clover mites enter your home they can live almost anywhere and even live off eating mold and algae. Because of their size, it is very easy for them to enter your home through any crack or crevice and they tend to gravitate to the warm sunny areas inside since they like the warmth.

When clover mites are indoors they are easily looked over, but when one is crushed you'll see a red stain or streak. This becomes very frustrating especially when it's on a couch, rug or any other upholstery. The red stain left by a clover mite is not blood, don’t worry, it’s just the red pigment from their skin. But, this red mark does stain and can be nearly possible to remove. Once you have experienced even the smallest mark from a clover mite, you will see how much of a nuisance they can be.

Prevention of clover mites is near to impossible without seeking professional services because of the vast ways they can enter homes. Clover mites are often found in groups so there is an increased risk of damage with these insects. Prevention of clover mites is a job best kept to the professionals to make sure it's effective.

It can become very frustrating seeing your home and business furniture ruined by these red marks left by clover mites. At Moyer Pest Control we have years of experience dealing with removal and prevention of these tiny pests. We service many different areas across the great state of Pennsylvania and we look forward to getting them out of your home or business. Give us a call and let us show you why Moyer Pest Control has continued to impress customers since 1869.

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