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The Lies The Internet Tells You About The Bed Bugs In New Castle

January 10, 2020

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a bed bug infestation in a new castle pennsylvania home

Don't let inarticulate articles and mysterious myths shape your views on these blood-sucking pests, because a misunderstanding of these infestations are far worse than anything else you could experience in your New Castle home.
Bed bugs are tiny, tan, appleseed-sized insects that require the blood of a warm-blooded mammal to reproduce. Hunkering down in bedrooms, mattresses, and even electrical sockets, bed bugs lie in wait for the perfect moment before taking a drink from an unlucky, sleeping victim. The itchy bumps, often occurring in patches or zigzagging lines, might be the only evidence these bugs leave behind.
Bed bugs are known for their rapid reproduction rate, but these household pests are anything but invisible. They may be small and sneaky, but a trained eye can easily find them. Once a single breeding pair has settled down inside your home, subsequent generations of bed bugs will become almost impossible to get rid of. In fact, one of the biggest lies told about bed bugs is that homeowners can get rid of them entirely on their own.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What Are the Biggest Lies of All? 

Two myths, in particular, are echoed extensively by misinformed internet users all over the country, both of which mislead a significant number of homeowners every year.

  1. Many people are persuaded that bed bugs are only attracted to dirty or unclean homes, much like cockroaches and other filth-loving pests. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Bed bugs can take up residence in any location they are transported to, often by an unknowing host via their shoes, clothing, or luggage. As long as the temperature is agreeable and there are nooks and crannies to hide in, bed bugs can survive and thrive in homes all across the New Castle area.
  2. Another bed bug lie commonly found on the internet supports the idea that bed bugs spread disease. Thankfully, these claims are false and unsupported. There is no scientific evidence that affirms the spread of disease through bed bugs. Of course, this doesn't mean these insects aren't a big deal—prolonged and chronic infestations can cause sleeplessness, insomnia, and even anemia in severe cases. 

If you think that bed bugs may be spreading throughout your home, now is the time to act. Call the capable professionals at Moyer Pest Control to receive your free inspection now.

How Moyer Battles For You Now — And Always 

Ultimately, the biggest lie that the internet spreads about bed bugs is that over-the-counter products or home remedy gimmicks can allow homeowners to protect their families without professional pest control. However, the only way to ensure you get rid of your bed bug infestation is to strike at the heart of the issue, something that only the friendly professionals at Moyer Pest Control can do. Reach out to us and restore your home's peace today.

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