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The Key To Completely Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your New Castle Home

October 27, 2022


If you’ve ever spotted a silverfish skittering across your bathroom floor, you’ve probably noticed their silvery, fish-like appearance. However, you don’t want these nocturnal pests causing problems in your New Castle home. In this article, we’ll discuss what silverfish look like and how to prevent them from infesting your residential property.

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How To Identify Silverfish

Silverfish in New Castle are truly odd-looking insects. They get their name due to their silvery scales and “fish out of water” movements. With slender, teardrop-shaped bodies, silverfish are truly unique creatures. These creepy pests have long antennae and three bristle-like appendages branching off the back of their bodies. Most silverfish are about one inch long, though young silverfish may be smaller. While silverfish may look fascinating, you don’t want to find them in your New Castle home.

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The Damage Silverfish Can Do In Your Home

If you’ve ever wondered, “are silverfish harmful?” you’re not alone. Thankfully, silverfish are not a threat to your health; however, they are a threat to your home. Silverfish are scavenger pests that will consume products high in starches and carbohydrates.

So what do silverfish eat when they invade residential properties? These common insects will destroy books by eating away at the glue that binds them together. They also loosen your wallpaper by feeding on the glue that holds wallpaper to the walls. Silverfish also cause significant damage to fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk. To protect your memories and keepsakes from these destructive pests, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals here at Moyer Pest Control.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Home

The most effective solution to protect your property from pests is always professional pest control services from a trusted provider. Silverfish are nocturnal and prefer to hide from humans, which makes them difficult to control. 

However, with help from the skilled technicians here at Moyer Pest Control, you don’t have to worry about dealing with silverfish alone. Moyer Pest Control is committed to providing effective pest control services to eliminate existing pest problems and prevent new ones from springing up in the future. Experience a pest-free home when you contact Moyer Pest Control today!

Silverfish Prevention Tips For Around The House

Getting rid of silverfish is no easy task. These elusive insects hide in hard-to-reach places and prefer to stay out of sight of humans. However, there are a few ways you can avoid attracting silverfish to your New Castle home. Implement the following silverfish prevention tips to minimize silverfish activity on your property:

  • As with many pests, moisture attracts silverfish. Reduce moisture problems around your home by clearing debris out of your gutters, repairing leaky pipes, and investing in a dehumidifier. 
  • Silverfish often invade homes to eat fabric and adhesives. Consider storing books, photos, clothing, and other items in a dry, sealed environment that silverfish can’t access. 
  • Keeping silverfish out of your home starts by removing potential entry points. Seal gaps in your foundation and exterior walls to minimize areas where silverfish can invade. 
  • Silverfish love to live in dark areas. Light up dark spaces in your home and declutter to reduce the places where silverfish can hide. 

Unfortunately, prevention tips aren’t the most effective way to protect your New Castle property from pests. Keep your home free of silverfish and other pests with professional services from Moyer Pest Control. Get in touch with our licensed technicians today to schedule an inspection.

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