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The Great Mouse War

February 4, 2015

Mice In YouR Home

Are you dealing with mice? Imagine them as an invading army. If you were a great general, what would your battle plan be? Would you rush at them with guns blazing? Of course not. To beat your enemy, you must first know your enemy. Understanding how your enemy thinks and behaves will always put you one step ahead.


To defend against an invading army you must first set up your defenses. In your home your exterior walls are your first line of defense. Use a caulking gun to fill in cracks around pipes, fixtures, windows, outlets, air conditioning units, and any other objects that pass through your exterior walls. Repair screens on doors and apply screens to vents, chimney tops, and other entry points. Inspect door sweeps and weather stripping to be sure they are in proper working order.

Assess The Battlefield

Those mice are going to come across your lawn to get to your house. Do they have strongholds to hunker down? Have you given them an old tire, some construction materials, or a stack of cinder blocks to hole up in? Consider removing as much clutter from your yard as possible.

Does your lawn have tall grass? Mice will use that grass just like an enemy force would. They will conceal themselves in it and approach your home with little fear. A clean cut lawn is less welcoming to a traveling mouse. They are keenly aware of predators and choose to run along fences and use cover when traveling across an open space.

Cut Off Your Enemy's Supplies

Any general will tell you, without supplies your enemy will be weakened. This is also true with mice. If you hide food sources, you will weaken a mouse's resolve to be on your property. Cover trash cans. Seal food in hard plastic containers. Keep spills cleaned up. And, leave pet food down only during mealtime.


What if the enemy is already inside your camp? No army will be successful if it is being destroyed from within. Call a professional pest management company and have them guide you in the proper exclusion of mice. They have the equipment and training to safely remove mice, clean infected areas, and guide you in how you can successfully seal your exterior walls and roofline.

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