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The Dirty Little Secret About Bed Bugs

February 13, 2015

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I realize that having bed bugs can be humiliating, but do you know "why" they are humiliating? Though bed bugs have been around for centuries, the stigma attached to them is relatively recent. You might even be tempted to think--as most do--that only dirty people get bed bugs. But you would be wrong. This little bug has been found in the most opulent of palaces, castles, and places of power.

In ancient Rome they were named, Cimex lectularius, Cimex, meaning bug, and lectularius, meaning couch or bed. Believed to have come from caves in the middle east where bats were their main source of food, these bugs learned to thrive in cities and rely upon humans for their meals.

This is the documented spread of bed bugs.

  • 400 B.C. bed bugs are mentioned in ancient Greece, by Aristotle.

  • 100 A.D. They are common throughout Italy.

  • 600 A.D. China

  • 1200 A.D. Germany

  • 1400 A.D. France

  • 1583 A.D. England

  • 1700 A.D. The American colonies

The early colonists brought these bugs over on ships, and colonial writings show that there were severe problems with them in Canada and the English colonies. It was so bad at one point that ship captains forbade colonists and passengers from bringing bedding on board. But eventually the wealthiest people learned that through good housekeeping, these bugs could be reduced. This is where the stigma began.

Though it was a known fact that these bugs could be found crawling all over lawyers and politicians in Washington D.C., it was a problem no one spoke of. Bed bugs were Washington's dirty little secret. After all, bugs were considered something that only the common folk got. But this was not the truth, and it still isn't today. Bed bugs can infest 5 star luxury hotels and the nicests mansions. Good housekeeping can stunt their populations, but these bugs can live anywhere, as long as they have blood to feed on.

To save families and businesses from the humiliation of these bugs--even though this stigma is unwarranted--companies like Moyer Pest Control utilize K9 bed bug inspectors. These bug-sniffing dogs can detect bed bugs from egg to adult. If infestations are caught early, pest technicians can treat for them quickly and discreetly before heating units are needed. If you suspect bed bugs, get a K9 Inspection and stop your infestation before it begins.

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