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The Dangers Of Westchester Mice

September 15, 2015

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No one wants a pest infestation in their home - especially a rodent infestation. One very common pest to invade your home is mice. These small rodents can easily enter your house through gaps and holes in the exterior of the home, especially along ground level. Once inside the home they will search for food, water, and a place out of sight to build a nest. They will then reproduce and start a very large family, and they won’t even offer to pay rent!

Having mice in your home can be dangerous to your health. Mice can contaminate food sources and leave bacteria around on your counters, cupboards, and any other place they wander. Mice can also stir up allergens and send them flying into the air causing asthma or allergy symptoms in your family. These are only two of many reasons you are going to want to get these pests out of your home as soon as possible.

Another reason that you don’t want to harbor mice is that they are also carrier pests. This means they can carry other pests like fleas, ticks, and lice, into your home. These parasites can carry diseases of their own as well as transport diseases, such as the plague, from the mice to your family. The sooner you eliminate mice from your home, the less risk of having other pests moving in too.

Mice are also dangerous to have around pets. They can transmit diseases, spread fleas, ticks, or lice and even bite your pet. Mice can also get into pet food contaminating it and possibly making your pet sick. Make sure to keep pets away from pests and seal their food in air tight containers. Also, picking up food bowls between feedings is important not only to keep rodents from crawling through it, but also to eliminate one of the ways that mice would be attracted to your house in the first place.

If there is a mouse living in your house that means there is also a risk to your home’s structure. Mice tend to burrow when they build their nests. They will try to chew into insulation, sheet rock, and other softer materials that they find in and around your home. They can also chew through wiring causing a major fire hazard.

Some signs that you have a mouse infestation are chew marks, scratching sounds in your walls, mice droppings - especially near food sources, and, of course, the actual sighting of a mouse scampering along your baseboards or counter.

If you believe there are mice in your home, it is best to seek professional help. Here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor we will be able to assess the entire infestation problem and eliminate it for good. We will work with you to establish a personalized plan that meets your budget, schedule and any unique needs that you may have. Our products are environmentally friendly and are safe to be used around your family and pets. Give us a call to set up your inspection and to get started on your new pest-free life today.


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