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The Best Way To Eliminate Oriental Roaches From Your New Castle Home

July 27, 2022


Fossil evidence suggests that cockroaches have existed throughout history as insects known for durability and adaptability. Cockroaches have a tough exterior that protects them, a flat body style that allows them to navigate through tight spaces, and consume an omnivorous diet. More than 3,000 different species exist worldwide, with more than 50 species found here in North America. The most common types of cockroaches that invade properties in this region include the American, oriental, German, and brown-banded cockroaches.
Are you experiencing an infestation of oriental cockroaches in New Castle?  These creatures are incredibly elusive and demonstrate resistance to most general bug sprays. A trained New Castle pest control professional understands how to tell if you have cockroaches and what keeps cockroaches away from the property. 

Identifying Oriental Cockroaches 

Many commonly refer to oriental cockroaches (Blatta orientalis L.) as “water bugs” because they prefer cool, damp, and dark areas. The adults usually measure one inch in length and appear in a shiny, dark brown, or black color. The body of an oriental cockroach is oval-shaped with six legs and antennae. Both males and females have wings, but neither is capable of flight. 

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In outdoor areas, both the immature nymphs and adults commonly burrow in piles of organic debris where moisture exists. In residential settings, oriental cockroaches typically reside near drains, in damp basements, or crawlspaces and will attempt to access trash.

Oriental Cockroaches And Food-Borne Pathogens

As with the majority of cockroach species, oriental cockroaches carry a host of bacterial pathogens that will spread if they come into contact with your food. They also contaminate surfaces as they travel through indoor areas. The species is associated with salmonellosis and several forms of gastroenteritis, including dysentery and diarrhea. Meanwhile, cockroaches leave trails of excrement and skin that can generate harmful allergic reactions resulting in sneezing, watery eyes, and respiratory concerns. 

Keep in mind that oriental cockroach infestations typically will progress quickly as these pests reproduce. Females lay multiple sacs or capsules of eggs that each may contain roughly 16 eggs, which are deposited near food sources. Under moderate temperature conditions, the eggs will hatch in approximately 60 days, and the creatures enter a nymph phase as they develop into adults. 

Steps To Take To Deter Oriental Roaches 

Cockroaches are difficult to eliminate from properties once a substantial infestation develops; therefore, take preventative measures to deter these pests as follows: 

  • Limit access to the interior of the home by filling openings that develop near the exterior foundation with sealant, repairing any damaged window screens, and placing sweeps on exterior doors. 
  • Keep kitchen areas free of food sources by sweeping up crumbs, wiping up spills, and not leaving dirty dishes or bowls of uneaten pest food out overnight.
  • Place kitchen-area trash cans containing food scraps in receptacles with a tightly-fitting lid. 
  • Prevent unnecessary water and moisture that oriental cockroaches need by promptly repairing leaky pipes, keeping floor drains clear, and keeping basements and crawlspaces properly ventilated to limit accumulations of moisture and humidity. 

Despite being nocturnal creatures that may remain hidden during the daytime, these pests usually leave behind signs that indicate their presence. Be sure to clean behind and below furniture and appliances to both limit attractants and identify their presence earlier on before a full-blown infestation develops.

Finding And Eliminating Oriental Cockroaches For Good

The team of local experts with Moyer Pest Control knows how to get rid of oriental cockroaches safely and efficiently. Our company remains committed to operating according to the highest standards in the pest control industry for both health and safety. Contact our office today to schedule a detailed property inspection and determine the best treatment options. 

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