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The Best Pest Protection For New Castle's Food Processing Plants

October 29, 2020


Pest control is an important and necessary safety measure for all businesses to take, but this is particularly true for New Castle food processing plants. Any company that deals with food has to be extra careful that pests aren't making their products or space unclean and unsanitary as pests can spread many diseases and cause other health concerns.

While any pest can become a problem in the industry of food processing, certain pests are more likely to infest your factory. Unfortunately, many of these species are known for spreading pathogens, which makes prevention and control vital.

Here are common pests that plague food processing plants and a brief overview of what they look like:

  • Cockroaches can carry around 35 different diseases. They have long, oval-shaped bodies, six legs, and can range from tan to reddish-brown.

  • Flies are often a problem during warmer months, and they can also carry illnesses and pathogens and contaminate food.

  • Rodents such as mice and rats are commonly found in food plants because they provide easy access to food. While they look similar, rats have thicker tails and faces than mice. Mice also have smaller ears.

  • Birds can sometimes get into spacious buildings and live up in the rafters and ceilings. Many birds, including pigeons, are known to spread disease.

Just How Dangerous Are These Pests?

As a business, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees are safe and that the product you put out meets health and safety standards. Pest issues can threaten the safety of those who work for you as well as your customers. A pest infestation can even put lives at risk, not to mention, ruin your reputation. The impacts of pest problems in the food processing industry can be severe and long-lasting.

Here are some of the specific risks that common pests in the industry can cause:

  • Product contamination which can cost you money and your reputation

  • Dealing with health and safety violations that end up costing money and time to fix

  • Putting employees and consumers at risk of a wide range of diseases including E. coli, salmonellosis, and gastroenteritis

  • Allergic reactions and asthma attacks can be triggered by these pests and cause health problems for your employees

How Do These Pest Infestations Begin? 

There are many ways that pests can get inside your company. Two of the most common include finding their way inside through access points around the building or bringing in already infested products into the processing plant.
Because of the many risks associated with these infestations, taking preventive measures to keep people safe and maintain a good reputation is essential. Here are some of the best prevention tips:

  • Always inspect deliveries to look for infestations before accepting them.

  • Check around the exterior of the building and seal up any cracks or holes in walls.

  • Make sure that the foundation of the building doesn't have crevices or weak points.

  • Work with pest control professionals.

The Best Way To Protect Your Business From Pests

Because of the unique situation of businesses in the food processing industry, it's pretty much necessary to get pest control to protect your company and keep people safe. The experts at Moyer Pest Control can provide ongoing prevention and control assistance for all common commercial pest concerns. To find out more about how we can keep your business pest-free, give us a call today.

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