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Termites Are A Super Pest!

August 24, 2016

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Superheroes are making a huge comeback in our culture. Everywhere you look there’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Ironman and many, many more. There are many different types of followings, from the die-hard comic book fans who believe that a true superhero must come from the pages of comic book to the new age superhero fans of today where their superheroes come from digital movies. No matter which type of super hero fan you are, we all enjoy the thought of someone or something being better, smarter, and stronger than we are; and we like the thought of someone always on the job working to protect us. Termites are a super pest. These insects do not protect us in any way. In reality, they are the opposite, but within the world of insects, they can surely be described as ‘super’.

Termites are super workers. They never take a break. They literally are on the ‘job’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It takes a super creature to never, ever take a break. Whether they are a white colored worker termite toiling away day in and day out building their nest, making new tunnels, gathering food, and feeding the reproductives or a soldier termite that spends its moments endlessly defending its beloved colony from any threats, termites never stop. Even the reproductives are always doing something to aid in the continual growth of the colony. Every termite has its own specific job, and they never stop doing it as long as they are alive.

Termites do a super amount of damage. Annually in the United States, termites cause upwards of 5 billion, yes BILLION, dollars’ worth of damages. That is a super amount of damages - and the super scary part about the 5 billion dollars’ damage is that the lion’s share of these damages is NOT generally covered under standard insurance policies. The sad part is that all of the damages could be avoided with the right type of termite control services. We generally think that a termite infestation is not going to happen to us because if we did believe that we were going to be part of the 5-billion-dollar damage category, we would have protection in place. Sadly, it’s really not a question of if we’ll have to deal with them, but when and to what extent.

Termites are super-secret about their existence until it’s often too late. Unlike so many other pests that invade our homes, termites are hidden away from our sight. Too many times we are unaware of their presence until they have caused a significant amount of damage. Here are a few signs that are super helpful in recognizing possible termite damage and a possible termite presence:

  • Keep a watchful eye for termite tubes. These earth-colored ‘tubes’ are primarily used as a protected passageway from the ground up to the wood that they are feeding on. Subterranean termites need to always stay moist, so these protected tubes are kind of like traffic tunnels that they can travel to and from their nest to wood food sources and stay moist and protected in the process. These tubes are commonly found on cellar walls, wooden posts, wall studs, and door and window trim.

  • Piles of discarded wings from a swarm of winged reproductives. Each nest has winged reproductives that will fly out of their original nest in search of a suitable area to start a colony of their very own with a mate. Once these reproductives land, they discard their wings. These piles of dry transparent wings are commonly found in such places as window and door sills and around exterior lights.

  • Wood that has damage from termites has runways through it that are coated with an earth-like material that is glued to the wood. Termite damaged wood will also have a hollow sound when tapped upon.

Termites may be a super sleuth, super working, super strong, and super destructive pest; but they are no match for the superhero pest control experts here at Moyer Pest. We have the best that there is to offer in termite elimination, control, and monitoring. With our ever watchful Green Eyes monitoring system you will always be protected. No termites will get past us. If you think that you may already be dealing with termites, it’s time to give us a call, or send up the ‘bat signal’ or should we say ‘termite signal’.

Termites may be ‘super’ but get the best in superhero service from the pest control superheroes here at Moyer Pest Control because like Superman said, “You’re stronger than you think you are. Trust me” - especially when you team up with Moyer!

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