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Summer Travel And Bed Bugs Solutions

July 13, 2016

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bed bug crawling on upholstery

When you're at a picnic or a cookout this summer, you are likely to have a mosquito try to bite you and take a little blood. This scenario is pretty much expected. It is also expected that a tick may get on you if you spend a lot of time on nature trails or hiking up mountains. This is another bug that is drawn to you because its food source is inside your body. But when you're out in nature, there is one blood-eating bug you're not likely to run into...the bed bug. Not because these bugs only live in beds; but, more because they live almost entirely in human dwellings. So, just as you would take precautions against mosquitoes and ticks when you go outside, you should be taking precaution with bed bugs when you go inside.

When we travel, we go inside a lot. We might go inside a hotel or a motel to spend the night. We might go inside a plane, train, or bus to travel a long distance. And we may go inside a taxi cab or some other form of public transportation for shorter trips. Each time we go inside, we should be aware that bed bugs have been found infesting all these places. If you don't want these pests to come home with you, it is important to take precaution.

Recognize Bed Bugs Signs When You Travel

  • If you don't know what a bed bug looks like, take a moment to do that right now. And, be aware that bed bugs can be as small as the tip of a pen. Recognizing these bugs is the first step to recognizing a home infestation waiting to happen.

  • No matter where bed bugs infest, they always leave feces. The black residue that will be in the seams and stitching of mattresses or upholstered furniture and the black streaks on bed sheets, pillow cases, outlet covers, baseboards, and electronics all point to a bed bug issue.

  • Bed bugs go through 5 instars (development stages). In each transition, they shed their skin (cuticle). These insect parts will be found on sheets or stuck to areas of infestation.

  • Blood stains are a big sign. If you see dark brown or red stains on sheets, pillowcases, or upholstered furniture, it is time to run.

  • If you smell something that is reminiscent of a dirty locker room towel when you get into a cab, you might want to take the next cab. Bed bugs have a pheromone scent that gets stronger as the bed bug population grows.

Be safe when you travel. Look for the signs of bed bugs, so that you don't pick these pests up when you go "inside." If bed bugs appear in your home, call Moyer Pest Control. We take care of all bugs, inside and outside. When it comes to protecting your home, you can trust Moyer.

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