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Stink Bugs Soon To Make An Appearance

August 4, 2014

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stink bug found in pennslvania

More than just a funny name, stink bugs are on the move and looking to make your house their home for the winter. Easily spotted by their unique shield shaped body and their unpleasant smell these are not the house guests that you want to share your space with. These pests are a serious problem for farmers, leaving eggs on the leaves of plants throughout orchards and fields. After the eggs hatch, the nymphs (immature stink bugs) will feed on fruits, nuts and crops. Their saliva is toxic to the plants.

In early fall stink bugs silently look for a place to ride out the colder months. They tend to gather on the sides of homes searching for a way inside where they will live inside the walls, attic or crawl spaces, and basements.

There are a few ways that you can help prevent an infestation. Make sure window and door screens are completely intact and that there are no gaps around doors and windows. If you can see light around your doors there is plenty of space to give these bugs access to your home. You can use weather stripping and caulking to help seal gaps under doors and around your windows. Vents to your attic and crawl spaces should be covered with a screen.

Stink bugs are attracted to lights just like moths. Turn off all exterior lighting at night, especially toward late summer when they are starting to search for a place to spend a cozy winter.

Reduce areas of moisture directly around the home and inside the home. Basements and bathrooms are favored by stink bugs. Consider a dehumidifier if you find that these areas are too wet.

Always keep your yard trimmed, especially close to the house. Keep bushes and shrubbery from touching the sides of your home. This deters pests from walking directly from their food source to the side of the house.

You can also have a professional treat the exterior of your home to deter stink bugs and other pests from entering. It is a fast, effective way to protect your home.

Late summer or early fall is the time to take preventive measures. If they get in and make themselves at home you might be stuck with them until spring without professional help. Don't wait if you find yourself with unwelcome guests this winter start protecting your home now.

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