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Stink Bugs Return To Souderton Homes & Yards

September 10, 2021


Does anybody notice that we haven’t seen many stink bugs around lately? What a blessed relief it has been to have them anywhere but in our homes. While it may seem that the stink bugs in Souderton have been on a hiatus, they are still around. With late summer and fall approaching, they’ll be looking for a place to overwinter. Souderton residents beware—they’ll be back!

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Why Stink Bugs Increase Around Your Souderton Home In Late Summer And Into Fall

Cooling temperatures warn us of old man winter’s approach, but it also brings back stink bugs. Adult stink bugs have an internal clock that tells them they need shelter during the winter months. With late summer and fall on the way, stink bugs start to notice the shorter days. During this time, they will stop reproductive activities and begin to conserve their resources. In late summer and early fall, stink bugs begin to seek out sources of warmth; this is why you will often see them on the sunny sides of homes on warm fall days.

As stink bugs search for cool, dry, protected places to overwinter, they will often enter homes and other structures in large numbers. Once stink bugs get inside, they tend to stick near doors and windows. If you find large groups of stink bugs (dead or alive) in sunny areas of your home, you may have a severe infestation.

Little-Known Problems Stink Bugs Bring To Souderton Homeowners

While stink bugs might look menacing, they are not dangerous to humans or pets. That bit of information might be comforting, but it’s not all good news—they are a royal nuisance. There are multiple ways stink bugs can make a nuisance of themselves.

Five ways stink bugs can cause problems are as follows:

  1. Their sheer number alone can be pretty daunting to a homeowner as infestations can run in the thousands.
  2. Stink bugs give off an unpleasant odor when disturbed or crushed.
  3. Stink bugs can cause allergic reactions to people who are sensitive to their odor.
  4. When stink bugs get sucked into a vacuum cleaner in large numbers, their smell can be highly noticeable.
  5. A stink bug’s feces can stain surfaces.

It's safe to say that stink bugs are far from an ideal house guest. That's why many people opt for professional Souderton pest control services to get rid of stink bugs.

Why Stink Bug Infestations Require Professional Treatment

Stink bugs may not be dangerous, but they can be a bugger to eradicate. Once they’re in your home, they can be crafty in eluding capture. Stink bugs are not easy to keep under control as they can move locations by flying away. Homeowners may be able to eliminate a group of stink bugs from one area of the home, but that doesn’t stop another group from flying in and taking up residence in another part of your house. Some people attempt to use home remedies to chase away these pesky bugs; however, this may push them from room to room. To ensure that stink bugs are correctly located and removed from your home, professional help is needed.

Get Rid Of Stink Bugs Once And For All

Moyer Pest Control has solutions to your stink bug problems. We offer a specialized pest control treatment plan that comes in two parts. Depending on weather conditions, our trained technicians will arrive in late August, early September to treat the exterior of your home. Using microencapsulated materials during the application will extend the effectiveness of our stink bug control treatments for longer periods. As September or early October approaches, our technicians will return and apply another treatment to help ward off any last-minute stragglers from accessing your home. To get started, give us a call today!

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