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Stink Bugs In PA And Other Fall Pests

September 25, 2012


It’s time to talk bugs. The bugs that are very likely to become a problem in the coming weeks that is. As the weather begins to cool off, overwintering insects will start to relocate to warmer areas which in many cases means they are heading indoors and your home could be in their sights. Stink bugs, lady bugs, and box elder bugs are all common pests to see in the home during the fall, but this does not mean they need to be there!

Stink bugs are known for their shield shaped body and the odor that they emit when crushed or threatened. The brown marmorated stink bug, first discovered in Pennsylvania in 1998, continues to be a nuisance pest for homeowners in Bluebell and throughout Montgomery County and Pennsylvania today. They will begin to move into homes during the fall via cracks around windows and doors. And while they may not be very active in the winter, they are not an easy pest to get rid of.

Lady bugs which are formally called ladybird beetles are another nuisance pest in the fall. They may be a pretty sight but when they end up in your home they are usually not alone. Lady bugs congregate in large numbers which makes them extremely hard to get rid of once they have infested the home. They are not known to cause harm but they stain walls or fabrics if you try to remove them.

Lastly, box elder bugs are commonly found infiltrating homes in Allenstown, Bedminister and throughout Pennsylvania when the crisp fall air sets in.  It’s the same story as with the stink bugs and lady bugs, box elder bugs are not looking to cause harm but simply looking for a warm place to overwinter. Watch out though, they also congregate in large numbers and can become a major nuisance.

The best way to prevent bugs from entering your home is to be sure that all cracks and holes on the exterior including the foundation, windows, and doors are sealed off. But in case they do find access to your home, there is no need to worry. The PA pest control experts at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor can safely and effectively remove these pests from your home, no matter how severe the problem may be.

To find out where we service or to learn more about Moyer’s home pest solutions for fall pests, please contact us today!

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