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Stink Bugs Are Coming Back!

August 15, 2013

Stink Bugs In Pennsylvania Are Back

Cue the creepy music- they’re baaaaaaaack! Yes, as the summer comes to a close, stink bugs in Pennsylvania will return. Soon these shield shaped fliers will start crowding around your windows and doors, looking for a nice comfy place to spend the winter. But be vigilant- letting these stinkers into your home can be a real headache, especially in the very early spring when they try to get back outdoors again. If stink bugs make their way into your property now, you’ll be cleaning them up pretty much every day until spring!  What can you do to prevent these insects before they get bad? Here are some tips from the stink bug control specialists at Moyer Pest Control in PA. 

  1. Block all possible areas of entry. Have you seen insects getting in through holes in the bathroom screen? Or maybe you can actually see a gap in the weather stripping when you shut the screen door. These are areas where insects like stink bugs can easily enter your home. Fix any holes in screens, replace weather stripping around doors and check the exterior of your home for any other gaps or cracks in the structure for other possible entry points.

  2. Turn out the lights on stink bugs. They are attracted to lights much in the same way moths are, so turn off porch lights in the evening and pull down blinds or close curtains to keep them from huddling around your windows at night. You can also install sodium vapor lighting, which doesn’t attract stink bugs so easily.

  3. Reduce areas of moisture; insects like stink bugs can be attracted to moist environments, so running a dehumidifier in a damp room (like basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms) can go a long way in preventing insects like stink bugs.

  4. Keep branches and bushes from touching the side of your home; if vegetation is touching your home, it can act as a bridge for insects looking to find a way indoors.

  5. Get in touch with the professionals at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor for preventative stink bug treatments to keep these pests out before they have the chance to get in. These preventative treatments are best done during the late summer, so act quickly, before an infestation of stink bugs tries to get into your home. 

To catch these pests before they get inside, it’s crucial to implement a preventative treatment before they become more active and start looking for a place to overwinter. Our technicians book up quickly, so give us a call today to schedule your stink bug preventative treatment. While you’re at it, why not discuss our home pest control programs, because preventative treatments are important for all different types of insects and rodents looking to get into your home, not just stink bugs. One of our 3 programs is sure to fit your particular needs; give us a call today for more information on any of the services we provide at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor and find out why our customers choose us to take care of pest problems, plumbing leaks, A/C unit repairs, tree and shrub carepool opening and closing as well as many other services.


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