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Spiders In West Chester, PA

May 12, 2015


Do you have spiders everywhere? Are they crawling on your walls and ceiling? Are they grouping into a pile in the corner? If you do, the last thing you want to do is read a long article to get to your answer. Here is the answer: call a pest control company immediately. If you don't have spiders everywhere, or spiders are just starting to make you nervous with their ever increasing numbers, this article should give you some insight on why this is happening.

The Ecosystem

Spiders go where the food is. If you have a ton of spiders in your home, it is because they've come to feed on another bug. It might be cockroaches. It might be flies. There are a large number of bugs that can satisfy this predatory arthropod.

Point Of Entry

If you have a ton of spiders it is also clear that they have found entrance into your home. Often, this pest is brought into the house on a Christmas tree, pile of wood, a piece of furniture, etc. But they can also exploit the tiniest, and hard-to-reach, gaps and cracks of your home. They can get under doors that have no door sweeps. They can get past doors and windows that have no weather stripping. They can even climb to the top of a house and get down through the chimney. This is a hard pest to exclude.

The Solution

If you don't have an infestation yet, there are some ways you can keep spiders out.

  • Reduce the number of flying insects around your home by replacing exterior lights with yellow-insect resistant lights.

  • Keep bushes trimmed back away from your house.

  • Keep your yard mowed and free of weeds.

  • Remove clutter in your yard.

  • Fix areas on your lawn that collect water.

  • Make sure your gutters aren't clogged.

  • Get a pest control company to spray your exterior walls. If spiders aren't hanging out on your walls, they aren't finding all the tiny holes, gaps and cracks that will allow them to get in.

If you already have an infestation, hire a professional. Spiders are hard to get rid of. If you're in the West Chester area, call the spider control experts at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor. We have a proven track record for solving spider problems as well as other household pest infestations.

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