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Spider Surprises And Halloween Fun

October 16, 2015

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We all love surprises, right? There is nothing quite like walking into a dark room, having the lights flick on, and finding that dozens of people have come together to throw a surprise party for you. Surprises are great! We even like bad surprises. It's true. Have you ever had someone jump you out of your skin by hiding behind something or leaping out at you from an unexpected place? Sure, at first you want to put the knuckles to them, but after the adrenaline surge has passed, most of the time, you both have a good laugh. We like to be surprised, and Halloween is the best time of year to get surprised. But, as we said, there are good surprises and there are bad surprises.

A Good Surprise

Have you ever been to a haunted house? What makes this experience fun? The answer is simple, really. You're hoping to be surprised. You walk slowly through the dark, waiting for a hand to reach out and grab you. You turn a corner and brace yourself for something to jump out. Your senses are on high alert. Your blood is pumping. There is nothing quite like it. Then, suddenly, something large falls from the ceiling and your brain sends out a signal to every muscle in your body. For some, this overload of signals causes muscles to tighten, holding them fixed in place. For others, it makes arms shoot out in strange and unexpected ways. These muscle responses are also generally accompanied by a scream. Usually high in pitch. And, usually humiliating in nature. This is especially true if the thing that fell from the ceiling was something you wouldn't normally have been scared by if you saw it the daytime--something like a poorly crafted, stuffed spider.

A Bad Surprise

It is not nearly as fun being surprised by a real spider. Probably because, after the adrenaline has subsided, you don't get to laugh at how foolish you acted. Real spiders leave you feeling a sense of dread because you can't help but wonder if there are more where that one came from. It doesn't matter how they surprise you; it could be when you open a box in the attic, when you lift the lid of an empty ice cooler in the garage or when you're dragging the trash cans out to the curb. They don't have to crawl on you or bite you. Just seeing a spider can leave you feeling uneasy.

This Halloween, feel free to play around with fake spiders all you want. Spiders and Halloween go together. But, when it comes to real spiders, give Moyer a call. We can help prevent those bad surprises from happening around Halloween--or any other time of the year.

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