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Souderton's Quick Reference Guide To Pantry Pests

January 9, 2020


Many different bugs infest pantries, and each of them can affect your well-being. The most common pantry pests are Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, and cigarette beetles. Knowing how to identify and eliminate each of these bugs is key in making sure the food in your pantry is safe. If all DIY methods have failed, and pantry pests are still a problem, professional pest control is the solution.

Types Of Pantry Pests

Each of the various species of pantry pests looks and acts differently, so knowing the differences between them can help you get rid of them:

  • Indian meal moths are about a centimeter long and are usually brown to bronze in color. Their eggs are white and nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Their wings are yellowish-gray. 

  • The saw-toothed grain beetles are about ⅓ of a centimeter long, and you can identify them by the distinctive "teeth" lining the side of their upper bodies. 

  • Finally, cigarette beetles are also about ⅓ of a centimeter long. They can fly and are rounder in shape than the other two.

an indian meal moth in a pantry inside of a home in souderton pennsylvania

How They Get In

Pantry pests get into homes the same way many other pests do, by finding small cracks or holes on the outside of a building and entering through there. Even if you have screens on your windows, these pests can enter through any small rips.

Since pantry pests prefer dry goods, they can also enter inside through items that homeowners purchase from the store and bring home. They can infest grain, flour, cereal, the bags that various products come in, storage boxes in warehouses, and more. They may also get inside products at the processing plants.

Prevention Tips

Knowing how to prepare your house against invaders is important in keeping yourself safe. Pantry pests can get in through the tiniest holes, so sealing any cracks and gaps is a great place to start taking preventative measures. If you don't have screens on your windows, we recommend you install some, as they help prevent pantry pests and other insects from getting in. If you do have screens, make sure that they are free from tears so bugs can't enter.

You can stop yourself from bringing pantry pests home from the store by inspecting any dry goods for signs of bugs, larvae, or webbing before you purchase them. Also, inspect dry goods that are shipped to your house directly or brought by delivery service before storing them away.

Professional Help

Despite many effective DIY methods to guard against pantry pests, they may still find their way into your home. If you find any sign of an infestation, the best thing you can do is to contact the professionals at Moyer Pest Control immediately. We have several year-round pest control plans that can help keep your Souderton home free from a variety of pests, including common pantry pests. Contact us today for help keeping your home free from pantry pests.

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