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Souderton's Handy Guide To Effective Stink Bug Control

November 16, 2020


Nearly any pest is harmless. The majority of insects and creatures bite, scratch, or sting. In addition to that, many are capable of damaging belongings in some manner. For instance, shredding wood or eating paper. Several can transmit illnesses because they carry bacteria on their bodies. At the very least, a bug or animal will aggravate you. Perhaps they’ll persistently swarm around you, crawl into food, or on your clothes. This is the situation with stink bugs.

Stink bugs are generally considered a moderate threat, but any threat is inconvenient for Souderton's home and business owners. Since they aren’t discussed that often, residents have minimal knowledge about them. Get the facts now, so you can learn how to identify them and prevent their intrusions. Further, you’ll receive information on Moyer Pest Control and its applicable services.

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How Do Stink Bugs Look And Behave? What Are The Risks?

Stink bugs are about 0.46 to 0.67 of an inch long. Their brown bodies are shaped like a wide shield, with six legs and two seemingly striped antennas. On their head and pronotum are punctures that are copper or a bluish, metallic color. They are able to fly, their pair of wings have dark bands on them. Their young are yellow or white and have red eyes. 
Primarily spring creatures, stink bugs seek shelter when the weather gets cooler. They’ll enter homes and businesses through crevices around windows, screens, doors, siding, and foundations. Once indoors, they’ll settle near light sources and in crawl spaces, attics, and walls. These insects travel in large groups, making them quite the nuisance for humans. They’re naturally foul-smelling, and even more so when they die or are crushed.
While stink bugs don’t wreck structures and items or spread disease, they can devastate the land. They use their sharp mouthparts to pierce organic matter, fruit, and vegetables to withdraw substances. This irreparably ruins crops, gardens, and bearing trees and plants. Examples of the types of things they feed on are:

  • Lima beans
  • Tomatoes
  • Green peppers
  • Corn
  • Apples
  • Blackberries
  • Peaches
  • Soybeans

If stink bugs remain outside over the fall or winter, they’ll try to keep warm in ditches. Otherwise, they’ll go beneath decks, rocks, weeds, and ground cover. During their breeding periods, they’ll lay sticky eggs under greenery. The nymphs are able to feed as well.

How Can One Prevent Stink Bugs?

It may seem like it’s impossible to ward off stink bugs, but there are ways to avoid having to confront them. The key is to eliminate any potential entry points. Then, you’ll have to reduce the number of possible food sources. Here are the specific steps you’ll need to take:

  • Examine your property’s exterior closely. Seal up any holes you find near foundations, doors, and windows. You can try using caulk.

  • Add weather stripping to all exterior doors.

  • All outside vents and those around crawlspaces and attics should have tight-fitting screens. 

  • If you have vent screens, make sure they are in good condition and be sure to clean them regularly.

  • Gardens and greenery should be kept two feet or more from the property.

  • Monitor plants and trees that foster fruit and vegetables.

  • Inspect building angles that face the sun because stink bugs tend to frequent these areas. 

  • Try not to have outdoor lights on for too long as it becomes a drawing card. 

What Can Moyer Pest Control Do About Stink Bugs?

Exterminating stink bugs requires in-depth treatment of interior spaces and the lawn. The average retail shelf item won’t solve an infestation problem. It will only provide a temporary, on the surface fix. For comprehensive care with long-term results, contact us at Moyer Pest Control. Our skilled technicians will apply safe products registered by the Environmental Protection Agency to eradicate stink bugs. Call Moyer Pest Control today to inquire about our same or next day services!

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