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Signs Of An Infestation

December 29, 2014

SIgns of Unwanted Pests

Can you hear the lyrics playing in your head? "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign!" The signs of pest infestation are all around us. If we miss those signs, we could become a victim to invasive, disease carrying pests. Your home, and your family's safety is far too important to miss the signs. Here is the short list of dangerous pests, and the signs you need to look for.


  • Droppings in the back of your cabinets and drawers. Mouse droppings are tapered to a point on both ends.

  • Chew holes near your baseboards.

  • Chew holes in your food boxes.

  • Scratching in your walls or ceiling.

  • The smell of dirty fur in your cabinets.


  • Feces on your walls.

  • Pellet-looking feces in your drawers, and cabinets.

  • Hard clicking noises on the kitchen floor as they run across.


  • Mud tubes on foundation walls.

  • Chewed fences, porch, patio, or other outside wood.

  • Chewed furniture, wallpaper, and interior wood.

  • gossamer wings on windowsills, walkways, or deck.

  • Specks of hard, pepper-like droppings on sills or on floors, near baseboards.

  • Bulging walls or floors that dip.

  • When doors or windows stick, you may have termite damage.

Poisonous spiders

  • Poisonous spiders make tangled webs, or a mass of webbed lines. Their webs can be found in corners, near the floor. If you see a nice neat cobweb, with regular lines, it is not likely a poisonous spider's web.

Bed Bugs

  • Flat seed-like, brown bugs in your bed.

  • Blood stains on your sheets.

  • Black sticky residue on bed seams and corners.

  • Bugs on backboards or upholstered furniture in the bedroom.

All of these pests can be prevented. Call a professional pest controller to exclude these bugs from your house.

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