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Should I Still Be Worried About Termites In September?

September 12, 2018

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The weather in September can be unpredictable in Pennsylvania, but at the very least, we can expect a slight drop in the temperature and in humidity levels. This change in weather will cause the termite activity to fall off a little, but termites will continue to be a problem, especially if an unseasonably warm spell occurs. The warmth will cause the termites to become slightly confused and send out swarmers again or cause the nest to split or “bud”, which will cause a colony to disperse itself throughout other nearby properties. It is important to remember that fall is not as cold as winter, and if termites can actively damage a home in winter, they can surely do a lot of damage in the fall. It will all depend on the weather, the warmth of the soil, and the condition of the wood.

Termite colonies can host hundreds of thousands of members that all need to be fed, and their main source of food is cellulose, found in wood. Termite workers go out foraging for this food and stumble upon a home as a good food source. And, the more food they have, the more breeding they will do, which will increase the termite population exponentially. Not only that, but they can create sub-colonies or satellite nests to house the growing population of termites. They can also eat away at your home so silently that you won’t know they are there until noticeable damage occurs. The only early signs of an infestation may be mud tubes or “frass” which is the sawdust and feces termites push out of exit holes in the wood they are devouring. The next thing you know, if nothing is done to eradicate the infestation, there will be bulging walls, sunken floors, and sagging ceilings, which are the result of a serious and costly infestation of termites.

You can never really be “safe” from a termite infestation in the United States, or from the damage they cause. This is why it is so important to enlist the help of an experienced termite professional to help protect the wood in your home. The best solution for all of your termite worries is a year-round protection plan from Moyer Pest Control.

Our termite services are both comprehensive and customizable and will completely eliminate termites from your home and property and then offer protection against future infestations. Trust Moyer Pest Control in Pennsylvania for all of your termite concerns because nothing can beat our termite-free guarantee. Call us today for more information about our comprehensive termite programs.

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