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Send Those Ants Marching Out, West Chester!

July 15, 2015

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Are the ants going marching eight by eight, hurrah, hurrah? More likely they are going marching five hundred by five hundred. When ants find food, it doesn't take long for them to mobilize the troops. But if you have ants marching in your home, there is a way to get those ants to march right back out again.

Ants can be mysterious, especially if you don't understand them. Do a search on YouTube sometime, and watch people dealing with ants. It can be quite amusing. You may even find yourself saying, "Yeah! That happened to me!" This is an insect that can feel overwhelming until you learn what makes them tick.

If you assume that ants came in because of the food, you are right. But that doesn't solve anything, does it? You're still left wondering where all the ants came from. You may trace the ant line back to a hole in the window frame or crack in the baseboard, but it doesn't answer the question, "Why did I wake up with five hundred ants in my bed?" You may even go outside and look for them next to your exterior wall, but if you don't see a big ant hill there, you may be tempted to think that someone ant bombed your house. Here are a few facts about ants that will help you understand them--and more importantly--control them.

Ants Facts

  1. Ant food is small. Those cracker crumbs in the bed might not be a big deal to you, but to ants, they are a buffet. If you're finding ants all over something, it is because there is food present--even if you can't see it.

  2. If you wake up to hundreds of ants in a room of your house, they didn't just appear there. Scout ants found food and left a scent. Other workers came to help gather food and left their scent. This scent is called a trail pheromone and it helps ants work together to gather food. The more pheromone that is released, the larger the number of ants you'll have.

  3. If you're wondering where all those ants came from, the answers may scare you. The world is covered in ants. Seriously. They outnumber humans by about a million to one. The only reason you haven't had any trouble before is because two things have to happen for all those ants to decide to come into your home. A path has to be found and food has to be found. When these two things come together, you could get ants coming from a hundred yards away from your home.

Ant Control

If you hide the food and attempt to seal your walls, you may have some success in resisting ants. But the one surefire way to keep ants out of your home is to partner with us here at Moyer. If your home has a hole, ants will find it. Our certified technicians know how to examine pest pressures in your yard, remove nests, and seal your exterior walls from entry. We can also apply limited and focused pesticides if needed. Don't let your West Chester home be overrun by ants. Let us send those ants marching out for good!


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