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September 3, 2015

Stink Bug

Even though the recent warm weather in Pennsylvania may not allow you to believe it, the fall season is just around the corner, and that means pumpkin lattes, apple picking, and colorful leaves as well. But, the fall season also means that your home could become inundated with stink bugs, and instead of your home smelling like pumpkin, spice, and everything nice, it could have a pungent foul smelling odor. No one wants this! The good news is that you can prevent them from taking over your home this fall season if you follow these tips from Moyer Indoor | Outdoor.

Stink bugs are a species of agricultural pest that feed on and damage fruits, vegetables, and other crops; and unfortunately for homeowners these pests do not stay outside. When the cooler weather of fall comes around it triggers them to look for an overwintering site to stay in. They travel in large groups and are drawn to the sunny sides of buildings; they enter in homes and other buildings through cracks in exterior walls and through gaps around and underneath windows and doors.

When stink bugs go into a home they hide behind wall voids, in attic and crawl spaces, and underneath floors. They may emerge on the occasional warm sunny day during the winter, and then again in the spring in order to move back outdoors to feed and breed. While moving throughout your home they will crawl on walls, furniture and curtains; and during this time if they feel threatened or are squished they will release their foul smelling odor onto your things and into your home.

The best way to stop stink bugs from getting into your home is to contact the experts at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor. We can help stop stink bugs coming into your home through our stink bug control services. These services include the use of micro-encapsulated materials that work very effectively by releasing slowly over time to increase the length of their effectiveness. Two treatments will be performed in your home from late August through October, and they will greatly reduce the chances of your home being infested by stinky stink bugs this fall season.

Along with scheduling stink bug control other things that Moyer suggests doing around your home to help prevent stink bugs include; not keeping windows and doors open for long periods of time, replacing or repairing damaged insect screens, sealing small openings around your home’s walls and foundation, and caulking gaps around windows and doors.

Don’t let your home in West Chester, Allentown or elsewhere in Pennsylvania be overtaken by stink bugs this fall, call Moyer Indoor | Outdoor today to schedule your stink bug treatment today and sit back and enjoy your pumpkin latte in your stink bug free home!

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