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Rat Prevention Tips For West Chester Residents

November 30, 2017

Rats are often confused with mice, but the two rodents are actually different species that behave differently, though many of the problems they cause are similar. Rats are about three times bigger than the average mouse, but in general are more shy of being discovered than mice, in addition to being less meandering in their explorations. This can make a rat infestation even harder to detect than mice, as the signs of their presence are often less obvious. Still, rats will eventually seek out whatever food and shelter is available in their surroundings and take full advantage of it, so knowing what to look for and what to do to prevent rats from settling in is important for your health and happiness.

Where Do Rats Live in Your Home?

If a rat decides to make your property their next residence, they will look for areas near woodpiles, vegetation, and moist areas. They love property that has a lot of debris or trash lying around the yard, as this gives them both a place to take shelter and a place to eat! If you have any rips in window screens, holes around electrical wires or pipes coming into your home, or cracks in your foundation - rats can find their way into your home. If they are inside, you may hear them scuttling around during the night as they become more active and emerge from their hiding places to search out food.

Problems Rats Cause

If a rat gets into your West Chester home, you could face damages to wood, wires, and even metals in your home. If a rat chews through an electrical wire inside your walls, you could face a house fire. Rats will demolish your garden and fruit trees, and rummage through the cabinets and garbage in your kitchen. But even more concerning is the potential for rats to spread disease to humans and pets. Rats can contaminate your food supply and cause disease to your family, your pets, or your livestock. Their feces can transmit bacteria and disease, so even if you are not bitten by a rat, you can become sick from contamination to your food or food preparation surfaces. All in all, rats can cause big problems in a variety of ways.

How to Prevent Rats

Keeping your West Chester home free from rats requires that you take action beyond simply trying to eliminate individual rats from your home. Once a rat gets indoors, they can reproduce rapidly and before you know it, your rat problem is an entire infestation that becomes difficult to control. Keeping your home clean and free from spills, crumbs, and garbage is useful in discouraging rats from entering your property. Inspecting your home for potential points of entry and then sealing cracks and holes to exclude rats from gaining access to your home is a great way to prevent rats from getting inside. Finally, seeking help from Moyer Pest Control is a surefire way to eliminate existing rats from your West Chester home as well as prevent future infestations. Put our expertise to the test, and see what professional pest control can do for your home.

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