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Preventing Silverfish From Getting Inside Your New Castle Home

September 12, 2021


Silverfish are small, nocturnal insects characterized by their shiny silver-gray scales and known for depositing their eggs in damp locations. Silverfish prefer warm climates, making them more vulnerable during this time of year. As temperatures drop, people are often in a cleaning frenzy around the house preparing for winter. Some areas of the house that get cleaned include the attic and the basement. These areas are often forgotten during the summer months but create the perfect place for silverfish to thrive. The season is upon us to find these pests before they get any worse.

Silverfish damage homes of all types in New Castle, but they usually eat anything organic such as paper products or moist woodwork. Once silverfish are inside, you may notice them running around at night or find clusters of eggs in dark corners. Silverfish can also damage clothing, books, and furniture and should be dealt with promptly. Here are our best recommendations for silverfish control and prevention in New Castle.

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Silverfish Prevention Strategies For New Castle Homeowners

When the weather begins to cool down, silverfish become more active once again. They will eat away at anything left out in the open and can quickly run away from predators. Strategies to keep silverfish out of your house include:

  • Seal up cracks and holes in your house with caulk or silicone as silverfish tend to enter homes around the walls or windows.

  • Vacuum frequently as silverfish often lurk in dark areas such as closets and behind baseboards.

  • Keep baseboards clean. Silverfish can be found hiding in your baseboards and behind areas under the wall near baseboards.

  • Keep your yard free of clutter. If clutter is too close to your home, it could be another way that silverfish get into your home.

  • Eliminate excess moisture in your home as silverfish prefer damp areas.

  • Don't delay. The longer you wait before you take control of this problem, the more difficult it will be to remove them.

Preventing silverfish infestations should be a top priority for anyone who owns a home in New Castle.

Warning Signs That They've Already Gotten Inside

Be on the lookout for the following signs as an indicator that silverfish are inside your home:

  • Chewed holes in materials are by far the most critical sign that silverfish have already made their way inside. When silverfish chew on fabrics, the holes will be round, small, and found in clothing or furniture left out in the open for a long time.

  • Silverfish are nocturnal creatures, and if seen during the day, this could be a sign that they are moving around more than usual.

  • Silverfish tend to appear near basement areas because they remain damp most of the time.

  • Another sign that silverfish have gotten into your home is if you notice them around the small cracks or holes in your house. Silverfish enter structures through small openings

A silverfish infestation can begin quickly and will need to be looked into and addressed right away if you see any of these signs.

If you are unsure of an infestation, it's best to look for other signs that tell you more about their activity such as staining and chewing on fabrics and papers. Once you are sure you are dealing with a silverfish infestation, call Moyer Pest Control to set up one of our New Castle, DE pest control programs!

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