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Preventing Holiday Guests From Bringing Bed Bugs To Your Souderton Home

December 2, 2020


Many Souderton residents, especially those under ten years old, will tell you that Christmas Eve is the hardest night to fall asleep on. However, you probably didn’t know that the holiday season increases your risk of incurring a bed bug infestation. You might think the holiday excitement makes it hard to sleep, but if you experience the fear of falling asleep knowing that you’ll most likely get bitten by bed bugs during the night, you’ll realize what true sleeplessness is. The more you understand about bed bug infestations, though, the more you might be able to avoid the holiday horror of nightly attacks.

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World Traveling Pests 

Bed bugs might be small (only about five millimeters in length at the most), but they can travel the world. Their little legs don’t allow them to move very quickly, but they are very good at clinging to almost any surface. This clinginess allows them to hang on to a variety of objects, from clothes to shoes to even luggage. That’s why bringing guests into your house over the holidays increases your chances of incurring a bed bug infestation.
Now, even if your guests aren’t coming from somewhere that was infested with bed bugs, they could have easily picked one up on the plane, bus, or train. Travel hubs like airport terminals and bus stations have travelers and luggage from everywhere. When people are traveling, if their bags come anywhere near other people’s bags,  bed bugs can easily be transferred. Additionally, many travelers pick up bed bugs in hotels after putting their bags on the floor or beds, so you just never know who could have them.
Another high-risk activity for allowing bed bugs into your home is buying second hand furniture. The holidays might be a good time to get some used furniture that people want to sell or give away, but this is opening your home to a potential infestation. Before bringing any items into your home, make sure to check them for the signs of bed bugs, which include:

  • Rust-colored excrement,
  • Blood droplet stains, and
  • A musty odor

Prevention Techniques

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of surefire ways to prevent a bed bug infestation. They don’t have a preference as to what kind of home they enter, and they don’t even care if your sheets are dirty or clean. They’re simply creatures of opportunity who like to fly under the radar. If they can find a way into your home undetected, they’ll stow away in a quiet crack, waiting for the dark of night to cover their efforts to feed on your blood.
With their size, they can be very hard to detect on clothing or luggage. However, having your holiday guests check their luggage thoroughly before coming into the house is one of the only ways to prevent bed bugs. And as frustrating as that may be, you can’t take any chances with bed bugs. Once they’re in, they are nearly impossible to get rid of, and the health risks of a prolonged infestation are very troubling. Victims of severe bed bug infestations have reported intense itching and skin damage because of the bites. They also report insomnia and anemia that remain a health concern even after the infestation has been eradicated.
If you do incur a bed bug infestation, you might be tempted to try and deal with it yourself (especially during the holidays). However, store-bought sprays and vacuuming only kill the pests on the surface while dozens more bed bugs (and their eggs) lay in wait. The only way to eradicate bed bugs the first time is to enlist professional pest control services. For help with an existing infestation or more prevention tips contact the professionals - Moyer Pest Control.

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