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Pests To Watch Out For This Summer

May 29, 2015


If someone were to ask you what bugs drive you crazy in the summer, what would your answer be? We all have a different set of pests that drive us crazy in summer. But there are a few that are sure to make the majority of lists.


No summer pest list would be complete without mosquitoes. They come in clouds to torment us at family gatherings, swimming holes, camping trips and even our own backyards. Is there anything we can do to keep this blood eater from leaving itchy welts on our skins and potentially making us sick? There sure is:

Most of us know that a little breeze will keep mosquitoes away, but it is surprising how many of us forget that we can make our own breeze. If you plan on spending some time in your backyard, run an extension cord and put out some big fans. They are way better than those tiki torches and they will keep you cool as well.

If you plan on traveling, wear long pants and long sleeves, even if it isn't hot. And, spray some DEET on your clothing to keep them from getting through the fabric.


Here's another summer pest that wants to suck your blood. This insect loves the tall grass because their only goal in life is to cling onto a host as it passes, and crawl up into its fur, hair or feathers. Here are some ways you can keep this pest from giving you Lyme disease:

Ticks do not fly, jump or fall onto people, despite what your grandmother says. When they search for a host to climb on, they hold their arms out in a "pick me up, Mommy," pose, and wait. They can do this in any grass, but the taller the grass, the easier it is for these blood eaters to get on you. The safest way to avoid getting ticks is to refrain from traveling through tall grass.

If you must spend time in tall grass or wooded areas, tuck your pants into your socks and tuck your shirt into your pants. This will force those ticks to crawl all the way up your body. If you wear bright clothing, you have a good chance of seeing them before they get where they can bite you.

Bed Bugs

Are you surprised to see this pest on the list? Well, since we were talking about blood-eating insects, it seemed to be appropriate to add these little terrors--after all--summer is when pest control companies get the most calls for bed bugs. Here are some ways you can get them before they get you:

When you travel, always check your accommodations for bed bugs. Inspect the seams and corners of all mattresses for black fecal matter. Examine stitched seams on upholstered furniture as well. Look closely at all sheets and pillowcases and make sure there are no tiny brown blood stains. And, use a flashlight to search for bugs on the backboard.

When returning home from a trip, examine your bags and luggage with a flashlight, and wash and dry all your clothes on the hottest temperatures.

If you're looking to protect your home and yard from bugs, be sure to get a pest control company involved. Here at Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, we inspect and treat for bed bugs and can also help you reduce mosquitoes and tick activity. Summers are always nicer with fewer blood-eating insects around. Give it a shot, contact us today!

Moyer provides relief from summer pests in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton and Philadelphia counties.

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