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Overwintering Pests Beginning To Wake Up

February 14, 2017

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Most of our area has been fortunate this year. At least, fortunate if you are not a fan of the harsh winter weather that we are normally plagued with each year. In an area that doesn’t normally see temperatures on a normal winter day much above freezing; we have had several stretches when the temperatures were far above average. Folks could get out of their warm, winterized homes and enjoy the crisp air that felt more like early spring than December and January. As nice as it has been, there have been a few side effects to a milder winter that homeowners are discovering all over the area.

Hidden in attics, walls, and crawlspaces all over the state, pests have been overwintering right beneath our noses. When the weather began to cool back in October, insects started gathering together with the intention of sharing a nice safe place out of the weather to wait for the coming spring. Lady bugs, box elder bugs, stink bugs, and the cluster fly are often seen in groups on the sunny sides of homes in the fall as they look for a way in. Once there, they settle in and wait for warmer days.

When we experience those warmer days in the middle of winter, even these unexpected houseguests can be confused about just how long they have been there. Homeowners are likely to see a few of them buzzing around the house while they search for a way out. These pests generally will be found around a sunny window or resting on the curtains, sill, or nearby furniture. Frequently, this is the first time that the homeowner might be aware that they have a problem. Lady bugs and box elder bugs rarely cause much alarm when they are spotted. The most damage they may cause is staining your curtains or other fabrics in your house when they come out of hiding. Stink bugs, however, will quickly live up to their name if you squish one and it releases an odor comparable to a dirty sweat sock. The Cluster fly is a bit like a bigger, slower version of the housefly, and most of us find those particularly repulsive.

The problem with any of these pests is not really the few that might find their way into the living room. The problem is the thousands that might be holed up in the walls. Whenever large groups of insects gather, there is a good chance that they will not all make it through the winter. Some will die, leaving possibly hundreds of corpses behind and a potent unexplained smell that could drive someone crazy trying to find the source. Remember, if these bugs found their way in, others who feed on these corpses can find their way in as well. Other pests might not be just a nuisance but may bring with them real problems either by causing damage to the structure of your home or by carrying diseases that they could spread to your family.

Discovering that you have a nuisance pest like these can be alarming, but there is help. Moyer Pest Control is only a phone call away to inspect your home and eliminate any pests that might be there. Then, we can help you protect your home year-round with our Home Guard system. With several levels of protection to choose from, we can help keep your home pest free and on budget.

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