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Nicer Weather Leading To More Stinging Insect Sightings

May 17, 2018

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With warmer weather comes freedom; freedom to be outside enjoying the spring air, freedom from heavy clothes, and freedom to marvel at the new blossoms and greenery. But there is one thing about nicer weather that does not lead to freedom, the appearance of stinging insects on your property. This only forces you to be on your guard, especially if anyone in your household is allergic to stings.

What Makes Homes Attractive To Stinging Insects

There are several conditions that will attract stinging insects to your property.

  • Yellow jackets and other stinging insects will be attracted to flowers in your yard. The more flowers, the more likely you will have nests built on or near your property.

  • Sweet smells. Soda, juices, perfumes, and other sweet things are attractive to stinging insects.

  • Cookouts. Some stinging pests don't just eat sugary things; they eat protein as well. So, outdoor feasts are a special treat for them.

  • Open trash. Stinging insects are not picky eaters, they're happy to eat out of your garbage.

  • Spiders. Yellow jackets are particularly fond of spiders, so the more spiders you have, the more likely you will be to have these stinging insects.

  • Water sources. Clogged gutters, leaky spigots, and other water sources will make pests feel right at home.

Protection Against Stinging Insects

There are a few strategies you can utilize to reduce the chances you will be stung if you have stinging insects making your yard their home. Citronella oil is often used against flying insects and may work for yellow jackets and other stinging insects. Wearing long sleeves and long pants may offer some protection against stings. And, as far as plants go, wormwood is thought to help ward off yellow jackets. So planting plenty of these plants around your property may be helpful.

Speaking of plants, the fewer flowering plants you have around, the less chance you will have of luring in stinging insects. And keeping your yard free of food sources, such as leftover barbecue foods, open trash cans, and pet food left outside, will help as well. As far as keeping stinging insects out of your home, make sure all of your window and door screens are present and in good repair.

How Moyer Pest Control Can Help

If you are starting to see stinging insects buzzing around on your property as the weather warms up, chances are there are nests nearby. Our team of experts here at Moyer can determine the location of nests and the type of insects present, and safely remove them for the protection of you and everyone who visits your property. Don't give up your freedom to stinging insects, reach out to Moyer Pest Control today to learn more about our residential pest control services.

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