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New Castle's Termite Infestation Identification Handbook

February 26, 2020


Do you have a termite infestation? Would you know it if you did? Sadly, most New Castle residents wouldn't. Today, we're talking about how to detect termites and what you need to know to protect your property from the kind of destruction that only termites can cause.

What Does A Termite Infestation Look Like?

In a recent, groundbreaking study called the Tiny Termite House, the video production team at the National Pest Management Association recorded what can only be described as startling. More than half a million termites were introduced into the soil around a built-to-scale replica of a home. The termites methodically ate away at the support structure while keeping themselves hidden from view. After two months, the termites had totaled the structure. But looking at the tiny house, you would not know that it was completely destroyed on the inside. On the surface, it appeared to be in good shape. If you know nothing else about termites, you need to know this: A termite infestation doesn't look like anything at all. It is hidden from view. You should never wait until you see a termite infestation.

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How Do You Detect Termites?

There are a few ways termites may reveal themselves. It is important, however, to keep in mind that these warning signs are far from obvious.

Shelter Tubes — When workers come up from the soil to eat through sub-flooring and joints and get into walls, they often create mud tubes to protect themselves. But these tubes can be as thin as a pencil. And workers create these tubes in dark places, such as underneath decks, porches, and patios, or inside crawl spaces. If you inspect your home for shelter tubes, you'll probably have to get dirty to see them. You'll also need to bring a flashlight.

Swarmers — You probably know that termite swarmers are black insects with long white wings. If you see swarmers on your home, it could warn you of danger. But there are a few problems with this warning signs.

  • Swarmers are tiny and easily missed. You can have one land on your skin and not even realize that it is a termite. There are lots of insects that land on us all the time.

  • Swarms only last for about 30 minutes. A swarm can come and go before you get back from a trip to the fast food restaurant.

  • Swarmers are rarely a warning of an impending infestation. When swarmers come to your property to infest your home, it is usually just one or two couples, not hundreds of swarming insects. If you see a bunch of swarmers, it is because there is a mature and active nest on or near your property. That means your home is probably already damaged.

Wood Damage — Worker termites are the only termites that eat wood. Their love of darkness will have them damaging wood in the same areas they create mud tubes. But the area also needs to be high in moisture for workers to feel comfortable enough to consume the exterior of wood. Do you see the problem? Those little wood-destroying pests are wired to hide from view.

The Cold Reality

Most people don't know what it takes to detect termites or what it takes to remove them. This is why termites are a five-billion dollar problem in the United States. But you don't have to be part of the five-billion dollar figure. You can protect your property by investing in Residential Termite Control from Moyer Indoor | Outdoor. We protect Pennsylvania homes with Termidor®, America's No. 1 termite defense product. Reach out to us today to learn how you can protect your home investment from the threat of termite damage.

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