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New Castle's Guide To Stink Bug Control

September 26, 2022


Dealing with stink bugs in New Castle is unpleasant and not just because of the odor that this pest releases. If a stink bug invasion is taking over your home, New Castle pest control has the stink bug control you need to remove this pest and freshen up your property.

What Is A Stink Bug, And What Do They Look Like?

Stink bugs are insects known for the foul smell they spray when threatened, killed, or otherwise handled. They are typically brownish grey with irregular spackling in shades of black across their broader, shield-shaped body; they have brown legs, white undersides, and white banding on the sides of their abdomens and across their antennae.

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What Attracts Stink Bugs?

Like most other insects that may invade your property, stink bugs look for easy access to food, water, and sheltered spaces. Stink bugs love invading gardens as they provide a prime source of the foods they love the most, such as fruits, vegetables, and field crops. Stink bugs are attracted to light and reflective surfaces, especially at night. They also like the moisture that puddles around the interior and exterior areas, and the scent of other stink bugs. 

Keep in mind that learning how to get rid of stink bugs depends on determining what attracts them to your property and eliminating these factors. Moyer Pest Control will complete an in-depth inspection of your property and help narrow down these problem areas.

Do Stink Bugs Bite?

Stink bugs do not bite or carry any venom or diseases into your home. However, you should know that some individuals may be allergic to the foul-smelling spray they let off when threatened or killed. If you develop contact dermatitis, a runny nose, or feel itchy after coming into contact with a stink bug’s spray, you may have this allergy. Seek medical attention if symptoms become severe.

How To Keep Stink Bugs Away From Your House

While the best way to kill stink bugs and eliminate infestations of this pest is by investing in pest control for stink bugs, there are also some prevention tips that you can undertake to keep this pest away for good.

  • Seal cracks around your property’s windows, doors, and foundation. Use window and door screens and weather stripping to ensure that stink bugs stay outside.
  • Use motion-sensor lights around your property to stop lights that are always on from attracting this pest overnight.
  • Vacuum up stink bugs instead of crushing them when you see them around your property to prevent the odor they emit from filling your home and potentially attracting more stink bugs.
  • Address moisture issues that may create damp and humid environments inside and outside areas, as these conditions are prime attractors for stink bugs.
  • Protect your gardens with mesh when possible, and plant things like radishes, lavender, and thyme to repel stink bugs from invading.

And remember, contact our service professionals at Moyer Pest Control if you need assistance dealing with a stink bug invasion on your property. Not only can we help you identify your primary stink bug problem areas, but we can also help you reduce conditions that may lead to future stink bug infestations. We promise to tailor all of our stink bug control solutions to your home’s needs, allowing us to quickly and reliably remove this pest. With our help, your property will be stink bug-free and smell fresh in no time at all.

Contact us today to get started.


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