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Moyer's Top 5 Spooky Pests

October 31, 2014

spookiest fall pests

Spooky comes in many flavors. There are a lot of things that can spook you when working your way through a haunted house. It might be something gross, like a nurse with blood on her white outfit, or a monster face. It might be something creepy like a head put on backwards, or walking down a hall that gets thinner and thinner as you go. But in the end, the spookiest things are the things that threaten us, and give us a perceived sense of danger. It could be someone jumping from the shadows. Or, something as simple as sharp tools dangling from the ceiling by rotted ropes. In the spirit of Halloween, here are the five spookiest pests that will try to invade your house this fal, and what you can do to keep them out.

Silverfish fall into the gross category. Most of what makes this pest spooky gross, is its otherworldly appearance. It looks like something that could have crawled off a George Orwell spaceship, or out of a Japanese horror movie. It doesn't take much to imagine a 700 foot silverfish going against Godzilla in the streets of Tokyo. To keep these gross little bugs out of your house, keep your basement and pantry dry and ventilated. These bugs love moist dirty places. Vacuum frequently, to keep food sources from fermenting in your carpet. And if you can't fix leaks immediately, put a little soap on the pipe. Soapy water kills silverfish. But, sealing your home and having regular treatments is the way to be sure this bug can't get in.

Bed bugs are certainly in the gross category, but for some, creepy is a much better description. There are very few people who like to have bugs feasting on their blood while they sleep. If you want to keep bed bugs out, be careful to check your accommodations when you go on vacation. Check your sheets for tiny brown blood stains, and the corners and edges of your mattress and boxspring for black fecal residue. Bed bugs get into your house by hitching a ride. Check your luggage when you get home, and wash all your clothes on the hottest temperature, and dry them on the hottest temperature.

Cockroaches are gross, creepy, and dangerous. Their slimy brown shell, and uncanny ability to climb up the wall, is enough to freak most people out, but the nasty diseases and bacteria they spread make them a dangerous pest to have around. If you want to keep cockroaches out of your house, don't give them what they are looking for. Keep your food in hard plastic containers. Keep your trash sealed. Deep clean around your fridge and oven. And, put dishes in soapy water, rather than leaving them to rot in a stack. Exclusion methods, and an exterior treatment, are the final touch to keeping this spooky pest at bay.

Spiders are mostly creepy--at least the spiders you'll likely find in your house. Sure, the black widow and the brown recluse are dangerous, but they aren't as likely to come inside. If you see a creepy crawling spider tucked in a web above your shower, it is most likely a house spider. If you don't want spiders hanging around, reduce the number of snacks. Spiders eat flying insects. If you cover your trash, and don't leave fruit out, you'll reduce house flies and fruit flies. Flying insects are also attracted to light. Replacing white outside lighting with yellow insect-resistant bulbs will go along way to reducing your spider population.

Rodents are mostly dangerous. Their fur and whiskers give them a level of cuteness that combats the gross factor, and they don't really creep. They're more of a scamperer. But these creatures spread disease and illness, and that can be dangerous to a family. If you don't want rodents in your house, use the same preventative measures you did with roaches--except for the deep cleaning. Mice don't typically feed on a dried orange juice spill, or three month old sausage grease. Exclusion methods like wire mesh in the bottom of downspouts, and removing clutter from your yard, help to keep rodents away as well.

Halloween is spooky enough. You don't need spooky critters living inside your house too. Contact Moyer, and learn how to make your house uninviting to these pests this holiday season.

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