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Moyer Offers Holiday Pest Prevention Tips

December 20, 2011

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It is that time of year once again; the holiday season is in full swing, which means a plethora of family gatherings, tons of shopping, cheerful caroling and festive decorating. Nothing can get you into the holiday spirit faster that hanging up mistletoe and decorating the tree, but before you head out to the garage or up to the attic to pull out all of your holiday decorations, Moyer Indoor | Outdoor, a longtime PA pest control company, would like to offer homeowners a few tips to keep your holiday celebrations pest free.

  • Because your decorations have been packed away for the last 11 months, they may have become home to mice, spiders, silverfish and many other invading pests. The best thing for you to do before you bring them into your living room or kitchen is to unpack them outdoors or in the garage. This will keep these little critters from escaping into your home.

  • Before you bring your tree, real or artificial, or any other “greenery” items such as wreaths or garland, into your home, make sure you shake it to release any pests, such as spiders.

  • If you prefer to spend your evenings cozy by the fire, make sure to check your yuletide logs for pests commonly found harboring in woodpiles. Spiders, termites, carpenter ants and of course that notorious Christmas mouse, love the warmth and protection a neatly stacked woodpile can provide, but would love even more to be in your cozy home.

If you do find that pests have invaded your holiday decorations this year and squishing, vacuuming or sweeping them up are not enough, the Pennsylvania pest control professionals of Moyer are always just a click or call away, but to prevent pests from invading your decorations next year consider:

  • Packing away all of your decorations in plastic storage totes with tightly fitting lids; pests have a much harder time gaining access to plastic than they do to cardboard boxes, plus plastic totes will protect your holiday heirlooms from possible water damage and temperature changes

  • Washing all of your fabric decorations, such as table clothes, holiday throw rugs, tree skirts, hand towels and table runners before you pack them up; if dirt or oil is left on these items it may attract pests such as carpet beetles, clothes moths, silverfish and even cockroaches

Moyer Indoor | Outdoor would like to wish the families of Pennsylvania happy holidays and a joyous New Year and for all of your PA pest control needs in 2012, think Moyer Indoor | Outdoor!

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