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Most Common Cockroaches Found In Pennsylvania

January 26, 2017

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Cockroaches have been around for eons, and it is rumored that if there were a nuclear holocaust, they would be one of the few critters to survive. That's how hearty they are. So it is no wonder that they are difficult to get rid of once they have invaded. Here are the most common types of roaches we have in Pennsylvania, the problems they cause, and how you can get rid of them.

What Cockroaches Do

Bite people: Though rare, cockroaches are known to bite, especially in the case of a large infestation. They are most likely to bite people who are sleeping and these bites will most likely be on the eyelids because roaches feed on eyelashes and dead skin. Cockroach bites are red welts that are slightly larger than mosquito bites.

Spread illness: Cockroaches are known to spread illness since they crawl around in nasty places, then bring bacteria-laden filth everywhere they roam, places such as your dishes, silverware, and food preparation areas. And not only are they known to cause flu-like symptoms in people, they can also cause an increase in asthmatic symptoms for people who already suffer from this condition.

Transmit diseases: Studies show that cockroaches play a supplementary role in the spread illnesses such as E. coli, typhoid fever, giardia, salmonellosis, cholera, dysentery, and even leprosy.

Ruin property: Roaches leave their urine and feces everywhere they go, which can leave permanent stains on items.

Hurt business: If a government inspection finds that roaches are infesting your business, this can seriously hurt your bottom line.

Three Most Common Cockroaches In Pennsylvania

  • The German cockroach measures at ½ to ⅝ of an inch long, and is tan to light brown in color. This roach is a flat, oval shaped insect with six spiny legs, two sets of wings and two antennae. This roach has no trouble climbing walls or traversing ceilings and also has the ability to fly.

  • The Oriental cockroach is sometimes referred to as a "water bug." They are shiny black to reddish in color and can grow to be up to about one inch long. Early spring is when these bugs are most often seen and they can enter a home through your walls, or even through public sewer systems.

  • The American cockroach can grow to be up to 2 ⅛ of an inch in length and tends to be found near hot pipes or other areas that are high in temperature. This roach is mostly dark reddish brown in color but also has a yellowish tan coloring that can be seen on its body, especially on the back of its head. Though this is the largest of these three common roaches, it is able to compact its body to slide through very thin gaps.

If you need help dealing with cockroaches, call the pest control experts here at Moyer Pest Control for immediate relief.

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