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Mistakes Business Owners Make With Bed Bugs

June 14, 2018

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It is easy to underestimate bed bugs, especially for business owners who don't provide sleep accommodations for their customers. But bed bugs are a growing issue for a wide range of businesses. Today, we're going to provide a few examples to guide you in your decision on how to meet the threat of bed bugs.

Examples Of Commercial Bed Bug Problems

Movie Theaters

While bed bugs are mostly nocturnal, they are not entirely nocturnal. They may change their habits to adapt to an environment that requires them to be awake during the day. A bed bug is able to feed on an individual while fully awake. They administer an anticoagulant, when they feed, which reduces the discomfort of a bite event to a level someone engrossed in their favorite film may not even notice. This gives those bed bugs the blood they need to reproduce and establish themselves.


Bed bugs spread through passive dispersal. All that is necessary for this dispersal to occur is for a portable item to be exposed to bed bugs and transported to a new location. If a child comes from a home that has an active infestation, they may expose the other children in their daycare to bed bugs. Bed bugs do not need a bed in order to spread.


Do you read? What is one location you're likely to read? Did you say bed? You're not alone. That is a favorite reading location for many people. And when you're done with the book, where do you put it? Next to your bed, right? This has caused libraries to have to deal with bed bug infestations. Bed bugs leave their eggs in cracks and crevices of books. And since those eggs don't need the mommy bed bug in order to hatch, a batch of eggs is an infestation waiting to happen.


As you can see, the problem of bed bugs isn't a straightforward one. This makes it easy to underestimate the threat these bugs can pose. The problem of bed bugs is a growing one. No matter what kind of business you own, you should have a bed bug plan. When bed bugs appear, reactions from customers can vary, but they are seldom shrugged off. Your customers are not going to be happy and that isn't going to be good for your bottom line. But, when you and your employees know what to say and how to respond in a way that quickly diffuses the situation, everyone wins.

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