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Lyme Disease In Pennsylvania

May 5, 2015

Bullseye Rash From Tick Bite

With the weather warming up it’s time to get outside and enjoy it. It is also unfortunately becoming tick season. These small arachnids are not a pest to be messed with. They will wait in tall grass or shrubs for their next meal to come along. They will attach a host such as humans, birds, dogs, cats, squirrels, deer, mice and other wildlife. Tick bites can be serious because they are known for spreading Lyme disease. Not all tick bites will give you Lyme disease. Only bites from a tick infected with Lyme disease will pass along the disease. In Pennsylvania alone in 2013 there were almost 5000 confirmed cases of Lyme disease according to the Center for Disease Control.

With Lyme disease on the rise it is a good idea to educate yourself and your family on how to recognize the signs of Lyme disease. If you have been bit by a tick carrying Lyme disease it may take several days for the symptoms of the disease to show up. Tick bites leave a red mark on your skin at the bite site. If you start to notice a red ring around the bite mark this can be a sign that the tick was a Lyme disease carrier. Some other signs are fever, headache and fatigue. If Lyme disease goes untreated it could cause neurological problems and arthritis. If you have been bitten by a tick and notice any of these symptoms or are just unsure than it is most assuredly best to been seen by a doctor as soon as possible. The sooner a doctor can give you the right antibiotics than the better your recovery will be.

At Moyer, our Platinum Home Guard package includes four outdoor treatments for targeted areas concerning ticks and mosquitoes. It is incredibly hard to fully avoid mosquitoes and ticks outside in the summer. Our program will help you reduce their numbers on your property.

If you are venturing outside we suggest you wear bug repellant, long sleeves and pants. Always try to avoid tall grassy areas and make sure to check your clothes for ticks when you return inside.

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