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Leaves Are Changing, So Too Is Our Pest Pressures

September 22, 2016

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Tucked away in the corners of your kitchen and dangling on your curtains are two bugs that want to stay for the season – the boxelder bug and the stink bug. As the weather chills and the sun sets later, the last thing on your mind is bugs and spraying for fall invaders, but just because the warm season leaves, it doesn’t mean the bugs will too. Bugs want a warm place to go, and if you don’t treat your home early, the best place is your home.

What is a Boxelder Bug?

You will know a boxelder bug when you see it. The box elder bug has a black body and striking colors on its back. Three vibrant stripes of orange or red stripe the backside of the boxelder bug. The color stripes outline the outside of the body and form an ‘X’ where the wings meet.

The boxelder bug lives in boxelder trees, ash trees, and maple trees. As it gets cooler outside, the bugs leave their homes in the trees and take up space in homes that stand taller than the others, have western-facing windows and spaces, and/or offer direct sunlight from the south. When these bugs enter your home, they will stain fabrics and clothes with their odor.

You have probably crushed a few of these insects in your lifetime when you were in grade school. They were the bugs you stomped on to see if they really did smell. Guess what; they do smell, and in the fall and winter months, you can end up with a group of them in your home. Stink bugs are attracted to the outside of your home on the warm, sunny summer days. When it gets cold out, all the stink bugs outside of your home search for warm spaces, and your house is the closest and most attractive sanctuary.

Stink bugs can measure between 12 to 17 mm, or 0.5 inches, as they mature. The large, oval-shaped bugs have a brown body and brown marbling on the outer body. The most distinct feature of the stink bug is the shield-like backside.

Preventing and Controlling Bugs

Tackling boxelder and stink bugs is most effectively done when you practice and employ prevention techniques and services.

What you can do at home:

  • Seal and block openings in your home, siding, and foundation

  • Remove trees outside your home

  • Keep the area around your home clear of leaves, debris, and other places where bugs can hide

  • Fix cracks and holes in screens and windows

  • Do not leave your doors or garage door open

  • Call professionals at Moyer Pest

What Moyer Pest Control will do:

Moyer Pest Control offers professional services to prevent and rid your home of these pests. One solution rarely works, as it doesn’t address all the concerns of bug infestations. Moyer Pest services to prevent and avoid stink bugs and boxelder bugs include:

  • Prevention and exclusion techniques

  • Area treatments in the late summer and early fall months

  • Applications

  • Monitoring and inspection

  • Scheduled services each season

The best bet to reduce the number of bugs inside and outside of your home is professional services. Quick tricks online rarely address all the needs of pest control. Education, professionalism, and experience are the only solutions for effective control.

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