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Keep Mice And Rats Out Of Your Home Or Business This Winter

February 11, 2016

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Rats and mice, while different species, are both part of the rodent family. Therefore, they both have many of the same characteristics that make them equally dangerous and a nuisance for homes and businesses alike. They are considered commensal rodents, meaning over time, both have come to somewhat rely on people for food and shelter, or to “share our table”. But, let’s be honest, nobody wants to sit down at the same table with these furry pests and for good reason. Rats and mice are dangerous, damaging, disease transmitting pests that need to live anywhere but in your home or business!

Rodents, mice and rats have front incisors that constantly grow. To prevent overgrowth, rats and mice chew constantly, and in a home or businesses this is a very dangerous habit that can have very serious consequences. Wires, pipes, drywall, and flooring can all be seriously damaged by their incessant need to chew. The damage that they can inflict on a property can lead to electrical fires, water leaks, and mold and mildew issues.

Rats and mice are both bad news in homes and businesses for other important reasons as well. They enter uninvited through cracks and crevices in the foundation, around utility entrances, underneath doors, and through unsecured vents. They do not only bring themselves inside but other parasitic pests as well. Fleas, mites, and ticks, which are capable of spreading a whole host of diseases to your family, employees, and/or customers, are commonly part of the package deal when rodents invade.

Once inside, mice and rats usually stay and nest behind walls, in basements, attics, crawl spaces, and storage areas. They travel back and forth from their nest to food source- leaving a trail of disease spreading urine and feces as they go and contaminating food prep areas, utensils, dishes, and stored food. Unfortunately, there’s still more! Along with spreading disease and damaging the structures of property, they will chew through and damage other items as well. Clothing, pictures, furniture, inventory, and stored items can all be destroyed or contaminated by mice and rats.

Now that you have a clear vision of just why these furry, beady eyed, long tailed pests need to live anywhere but in your home or business, what do you do if they have already made themselves at home? The answer in simple - call the rodent control professionals at Moyer!

Trying to get rid of shy and elusive rats or other rodents from your property is very difficult and is not often successful. The most effective way to get rid of rodents and control future problems with them is to get professional help. At Moyer Pest, we have customized year-round pest control services for homes and commercial facilities that include inspection services to find and get rid of any current rodent problems followed by routine service visits to prevent future problems with them. With Moyer on your team you will have the peace of mind knowing that mice and rats will be living somewhere else, anywhere else, other than in your home or business!

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