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Keep Itsy Bitsy Spiders Out!

November 24, 2015

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Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout…. What a great nursery rhyme this is; but when that itsy bitsy spider has decided that your home is his ‘spout’ – and multiplies drastically – it’s not so cute anymore!  There is not much worse than running smack face-first into a spider web.  It will instantly send you into a panic as you feel for all the web pieces and quickly pull them from your face before the spider that made it figures out where he left it!  The great dance moves you make as you jump and shake and flail your arms would surely make the top 10 funniest videos.  For the next hour, you are certain that the spider is actually climbing up and down your back and though your hair; and every time you think about that web you fall back into your cool dance moves as you try to remove that web all over again! Yup, there’s not much worse than that!
Actually, when those itsy bitsy spiders are living in the wide-open great outdoors, they are quite helpful.  They eat tons of insects like mosquitoes, flies, and any other species that wander into their webs.  And have you ever really stopped to take a close look at a web?  These webs are very intricately designed works of art that will glitter and shine in the sun.  It really is an amazing creature – when it’s in its right place!  The problem occurs when they invade your space!  That is when you have to take action!
Spiders will typically move indoors in the fall when the weather begins to turn cold so they can store their eggs, find food, and live in relative comfort freely using your heat without even offering to help pay for it!  In fact, The Farmer’s Almanac claims that the greater the number of spiders in your home is the indication that the winter will be harsh, cold, and snowy.  That is not good news for Pennsylvania this year because there have been record numbers found indoors this fall; it will be a great opportunity to test the accuracy of the ‘Almanac’s’ prediction!
If you have found spiders in your home and just can’t seem to get rid of them, give us a call.  At Moyer Indoor | Outdoor we offer three different home protection plans to fit your needs and your budget.  We are known for our impeccable service and quality care since 1869; and we are ready and waiting to put all that experience to work for you.  If you are battling spiders, or any other insect or pest, in your Pennsylvania home or business this fall, you should experience the Moyer difference.

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