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K9 Inspections Are A Great Way To Check Your Souderton Property For Bed Bugs

December 18, 2019


Dogs are everybody’s best friends. They do everything from providing companionship to guarding homes, but they don’t just protect you from the mailman or a squirrel in the neighbor’s tree; they can also help spot the early signs of a bed bug infestation. At Moyer Pest Control, we employ the services of the cutest beagle in all of Souderton to track down bed bugs.

Meet Scout, The Bed Bug Beagle

Scout is a rescue beagle who joined our team in 2011 to help us track down bed bugs in a variety of locations, both residential and commercial. Small, mighty, and rambunctious, Scout is more than a cute face and entertainment for the kids; he serves an important role in our bed bug inspections.

a bed bug dog inspector inside of a home in souderton pennsylvania

His keen sense of smell allows him to locate bed bugs quickly and accurately. A trained dog can locate bed bugs with 98% accuracy, compared to a human with 35% accuracy. Additionally, because dogs rely on their sense of smell instead of their vision, they can detect beg bugs in hard-to-inspect locations, like inside mattresses. Humans need to see bed bugs to confirm where they are. This often requires completely uprooting your home, bed linens, and other household items to identify them.

Scout can locate the precise location of the infestation in minutes without making you pull items off your shelves or take off all your bedsheets and blankets. His accuracy narrows the treatment area; then, he will confirm that all beg bugs were eliminated. If you want Scout to track down the source of your infestation, give Moyer Pest Control a call. We offer our K9 services to residential homes and commercial properties such as apartment buildings, single-family dwellings, healthcare facilities, hotels and more.

How Can I Tell If We Have Bed Bugs?

If you’re looking for bed bugs yourself, keep an eye out for a reddish-brown bug that looks like an apple seed. They typically cling to and hide in mattresses and box springs, luggage, and other fabrics. They’re nocturnal, so you might catch glimpses of them during the night.

Because bed bugs feed on blood, you may notice bloodstains on pillowcases, sheets, and blankets. If bed bugs are feeding on you, you’ll find itchy, rash-covered bites on your skin. They can leave behind black streaks or patches on walls, outlets, and molding when they come out to feed. You may also notice tiny black feces, shed skins, or tiny eggs in your bedding or around areas of infestation.

What Does A Bed Bug Egg Look Like?

Bed bug eggs are incredibly tiny, about the size of a pen tip, and solid white. They can stick to luggage and fabrics, which transports them to their next host location. Typically, you’ll find these around the areas of infestation, but they also stick to walls, clothes, electronics, and many other everyday items.
The easiest way to prevent a bed bug infestation is to properly wash any items with eggs stuck to them on the hottest washer and dryer settings. However, this is not a foolproof method and bedbugs could still be infesting your home.

How Do You Know If Bites Are From Bed Bugs?

Bed bug bites are painful red welts that appear in a cluster or in a line on your skin. They are usually surrounded by a rash and look like mosquito bites or hives. Bloodstains on your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets may help you identify the bites quicker. While these bites are harmless, they can become infected if picked at or scratched frequently. Seek medical attention if this happens.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs For Good

If your house is overrun with bed bugs, don’t waste time and money fighting the infestation yourself; call Moyer Pest Control today and let our human and dog experts track down these pests and get rid of them for good.

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