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Just How Dangerous Is That Spider In Your Souderton Home?

February 12, 2020


It depends on the spider. If you're seeing spiders inside your Souderton home, or noticing evidence that you have spiders, such as webs in corners, nooks, and crannies, then proper identification is the first step in knowing how dangerous they are. Today, we're talking about spider identification and which spiders are the most concerning in Souderton.

Do Spiders Bite?

While all spiders have venom, some spiders aren't able to bite. Spiders that are able to bite you, probably won't, even if you handle them. But don't squeeze the spider. If you do, all bets are off. You're probably going to get bitten.

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How Often Do Spiders Bite?

Spiders that are capable of biting people don't prefer to bite. Why? Because spiders don't consider you to be food. They prey on invertebrates and very small animals. They would rather run away than bite you. But a trapped spider can and will bite you. Keep this in mind as you read the spider-bite-prevention tips below.

How Bad Is A Spider Bite?

It depends on which spider bites you. Small spiders, like the American house spider, can bite you and leave an itchy red welt on your skin while you're sleeping, and not wake you up. Wolf spiders and orb weaver spiders can cause a painful prick that some describe as a bee sting. But a bite from these common spiders does not come with medical symptoms to be concerned about.

Venomous And Poisonous Spiders

There are two spiders in our service area that are considered venomous or poisonous. They are the black widow spider and the brown recluse. The venom of a black widow can make you very sick if there is strong envenomation in the bite wound. A brown recluse spider can create a wound with necrotic properties. Fortunately, most brown recluse spider bites only have a localized ulcer. But it is important to have a brown recluse spider bite checked out by your physician to prevent a disfiguring wound.

Spider Bite Prevention

  • Shake shoes, clothes, and towels before using them.
  • Check under your blankets before sliding into bed
  • Be cautious when going into still or secluded areas of your home.
  • Be cautious when opening boxes that have come out of storage.
  • Always wear gloves when working in the yard and turning over objects.

Spider Control

It is difficult to treat spiders. There are some crazy places spiders can live inside your home, such as your wall voids and appliance voids. You're not going to be able to get in there and directly treat those spiders. Spider control is a process. And it is a process that is best performed on the outside of your home.

There are a few things you can do to reduce spiders around your home:

  • Keep trash in covered containers.
  • Keep lights off at night, where it isn't a security concern.
  • Reduce conditions that promote high humidity and moisture.
  • Address conditions that allow puddles to form.
  • Inspect your exterior and seal any entry points you find.
  • Move objects away from your exterior to reduce hiding places.

Once you've done what you can do, it is time to let the team at Moyer Pest Control do what only they can do. The Moyer service team can provide ongoing spider and pest control for your home with Exterior Guard, Complete Home Guard, and Complete Home Guard Plus pest control. All of these plans give coverage for spiders. There is no better way to reduce spider populations and prevent spider bites. While most spiders won't bite you, some will. Get protected today, with a little help from your friends here at Moyer.

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