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Is Your New Castle Business Protected from Pests?

September 27, 2019

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Having a pest problem in your New Castle business can be detrimental to your bottom line. Any sign of pests can cause high employee turnover, loss of customers, and the risk of ruining your business' reputation. In some cases, your business may fail health inspections and be shut down due to pest problems. It’s imperative that you take measures to be sure your New Castle business is protected from pests.

There are many pests drawn to restaurants, food-processing facilities, and hospitality businesses because of the easy access to food sources. Some of the most troublesome pests are rodents and cockroaches. Other less serious pests are drain flies, fruit flies, and ants. There are obvious drawbacks to having these pests in your food-related business. First, you run the risk of contamination of food products, potentially making customers sick and also causing food waste and lost profits. Second, you risk your reputation if a disgruntled employee or customer spreads the word through social platforms that your place of business is infested. 

Healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and long-term care facilities have their own unique pest problems. These types of businesses are at risk of bed bug infestations in addition to the pests mentioned above. In these facilities, it is hard to control bed bugs with the continuous influx of new patients and visitors. Bed bugs easily hitchhike in and, once they are there, can become prolific. If patients are getting bitten by bed bugs their facility reputation will be destroyed.

Moyer Pest Control offers pest control services specifically designed for commercial facilities. We work with business owners to take care of existing pest problems as well as to prevent future infestations. We keep your budgetary constraints in mind and work with you on a comprehensive plan to protect your business. We use environmentally friendly products and practices (as much as possible) that will help your business remain pest-free. Our integrated pest management approach coupled with after-hours service and high standards will keep your New Castle business protected from pests.

Call Moyer today if you have pests in your business or just want to prevent an infestation from happening. We are the industry experts in home and commercial pest control. We are looking forward to serving you and helping to keep your business pest-free

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