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Is There A Mouse In My House?

February 4, 2014

do you know the signs of mice activity?

Anyone would agree that the winter this year has been quite severe throughout most of the United States, and Pennsylvania is certainly no exception. The frigid temperatures have forced everything to seek shelter inside including that smelly, pesky little house mouse. The good news is spring is on the way. However, without an aggressive and proactive plan to rid your home of a mouse infestation, these pesky creatures will continue enjoying the food and shelter of your house.

It is rather easy to identify signs you have mice still lingering in your home. Mouse droppings are perhaps the most visible sign that a home pest control program is needed. Mice droppings are usually black in color and granular shaped, pointed on the end and approximately 1/8th to 1/4th length. These droppings can be found on the floor, on top of counters, in your cabinets, and even in dresser drawers. You will also see them in your basement, under sinks, and almost any dark corner of the house.

Another sign, and a more destructive one, is chewing on the structure of the home. Teeth marks are very tiny but quite damaging to your property. A mouse will chew through storage boxes and totes, into walls, and into attic areas. If you see any signs of mice chewing into boxes, etc, this is a sure sign you need to contact one of our Pennsylvania exterminators.

Two additional concerns with mice in your house are chewing into electrical wires and spreading of diseases. Mice are habitual chewers. Mice teeth continue growing their entire life and they constantly chew on things to keep their long front teeth worn down. Any chewing into electrical wires poses a potential fire hazard or shorting out of equipment.

Mice are prone to carry fleas which are known to spread a variety of diseases. The house mouse is a carrier of LCMV, a disease that causes headaches, fever, chills, and in extreme cases, meningitis.

As you can see, it is important to identify if there is a mouse in the house. Moyer Indoor | Outdoor is your best choice for mice and rodent control. Contact us today from Lansdale, Telford, Hatfield, and throughout Pennsylvania.



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