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Is It Dangerous To Have Pill Bugs Around My Souderton Property?

July 15, 2020


When people prep their Souderton homes and businesses for pest control, certain critters are the focus. Roaches, spiders, ants, and rodents are often the specimens residents are most concerned about. This is understandable, as these insects and creatures pose a threat to human health, safety, and comfort. However, there are tons of other species that are equally harmful. Some can bite or sting you, and several can ruin property. Even if all a bug does is chew through clothes, you want to be able to stop them.

Pill bugs are usually the last critters on folk’s minds. Plenty of locals have never heard of them. It’s important to know their risks, and how to identify and prevent them. Also, it’s necessary to be familiar with Moyer Pest Control’s service options, just in case there’s an infestation.

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The Appearance, Behavior, & Risks of Pill Bugs

Pill bugs are ¼ to ⅝ of an inch long. They have this name because of their oval body shape, they’re also referred to as roly-polys, potato bugs, doodle bugs, and slaters. A few of these titles are a nod to their ability to roll into a ball when defensive. These land crustaceans are gray, brown, or black. They have two antennas, seven leg pairs, and seven firm backplates.

Pill bugs inhabit yards that are extremely damp and have a lot of debris. They’ll head indoors searching for food or shelter from rainfall. Typical entry points are cracks around foundations, windows, and doors. Storage units, garages, basements, and bathrooms are where they’ll hide. If you spot one crawling about inside, they probably have infested your lawn.

These pill bug creatures don’t sting, bite, spread disease, or damage belongings, but that doesn’t mean they are harmless. They’re detrimental to grass, greenery, and soil. They feed on plant and animal materials, especially those of the decaying variety. Your flower beds, gardens, and plants can all get eaten up. You’ll likely find pill bugs nestled under rocks, flowerpots, organic matter piles, and nearby trash cans.

The Ways to Prevent Pill Bugs

Given how pill bugs operate, the key to keeping them away is proper landscaping. You may have to become a bit of a green thumb. You’ll be paying attention to the quality of your property’s exterior like never before. The effort is worth it because you won’t be taken by surprise by these creepy critters, and all will remain beautiful and healthy outdoors. Take these steps:

  • Remove debris, rotting wood, and dead leaves from your yard.

  • Keep flowerpots and firewood off the ground and away from your property.

  • Make sure attics and basements are ventilated; use a dehumidifier if necessary.

  • Distance mulch and greenery at least two feet from exterior entrances.

  • Routinely groom plants, trees, flowers, and shrubbery.

  • Clean your gutters regularly.

Moyer Pest Control Pill Bug Extermination

For a number of reasons, pill bugs can be difficult to independently eliminate. First, these pests are nocturnal. They are going to be hard to see and find. Second, there’s a chance you’ll accidentally kill your plants and yard with a retail insecticide. Considering this, outdoor specimens can be tougher to get rid of than those that trouble you inside. You should leave the pill bugs up to us at Moyer Pest Control.

We’ve handled pill bug problems and similar situations for over 150 years. Our expert team knows how to accurately identify them and their nesting spaces. We are equipped with powerful and advanced products that will remove the bugs, but save your vegetation.

Our monthly treatment plans are cost-effective and include service guarantees, consistent visits, and inspections. We’ve got you covered! Call us today to get started!

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