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I Think I Have Bed Bugs!

April 25, 2016

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Are you finding bites on your skin or the skin of someone else in your home? Are you wondering if those bites came from bed bugs? That is usually what inspires someone to say, "I think I have bed bugs." If bites are why you are looking to find out if you have bed bugs, here is what you need to know about bed bugs and their bites.

  • Bed bug bites are known for the rash that accompanies them, but this rash doesn't always occur. Sometimes it takes several feedings before the anticoagulant in the saliva of the bed bug causes a reaction on the skin.

  • Bites will often appear in a group or in a line. Unlike mosquito bites, which come from many mosquitoes and appear randomly on the skin, a single bed bug will feed multiple times. Therefore, a line or cluster pattern will often be seen.

  • The most conclusive way to determine whether or not the bites you are seeing came from bed bugs is to look for other evidence to go along with the bites.

If you're saying, "I think I have bed bugs," but it isn't because of bites; it may be one of these other bed bug signs:

  • Black fecal residue, blood staining, shed insect casings, or bugs crawling around in the seams or on the corners of a mattress.

  • Dark brown blood stains, black streaks, shed casings, or bugs crawling around on sheets or pillowcases.

  • Patches of dark brown staining, black fecal residue, insect skins, or bugs in the stitching or seams of upholstered furniture.

  • Streaks on baseboards or outlet covers.

  • Tiny droppings on the floor below baseboards.

  • White, pill-shaped eggs found on clothing.

  • A mass of bugs crawling around together with black sticky residue, shed insect casings, and dark brown staining all around them.

Okay, "I think I have bed bugs, now what?"

If you have found any of the bed bug signs above, it is time to call a professional. These pests are extraordinarily hard to get rid of. Complete eradication requires specialized knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and experience with corralling these elusive bugs. A new infestation can rise up out of a single batch of unattended eggs tucked away in a shirt hanging in your closet. And, do-it-yourself bed bug treatments most often drive these bugs deep into wall voids to hide until the perceived danger has passed.

If you think you have bed bugs, but you don't know for sure, the K9 bed bug inspectors at Moyer can give you the answers you need. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell and they can detect bed bugs at all stages of development. You don't have to wonder. Help is a click away.

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